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idoc somnetics document management system DMS

Documents are the spine of a business, irrespective of the scale and vertical.

They hold all the information critical to making a business run smoothly, help planning the future as well as record all the data related to its past. As a business grows, so does the departments in it, and also the associated documents.

As a business grows, so do the departments in it, and also the associated documents. Effectively managing these documents is critical as it can quickly convert to a chaotic environment that bleeds the resources of the organization and comes in the way of efficiency, delivering customer satisfaction, and ultimately, success!

This calls for technology, one that stores effectively and reduces costs of storage; keeps track of all the information; allows version control, which is the process of saving different versions of a document and managing it; and many more.

idoc dms features somnetics document management system featues

i-doc DMS offers beyond the features of a traditional content management suite to outperform its competitors with its versatility

i-doc is continually optimized to meet the challenges and explore new possibilities of the future.

Software is as good as its technical architecture. The i-doc platform is built on JavaScript-based open-source technology with NoSQL databases.

idoc faq
idoc faq
idoc faq

▪ Extreme Customization through Flexible Micro-Services Architecture (MSA)

▪ Fully integrable with existing software with detailed API support and much more

▪ In-Memory Database (IMDB) reduces and optimizes memory consumption and CPU cycles

▪ Petabyte Class Content Handling by using AI-Assisted File Container and no-SQL Database in conjunction

▪ i-doc is built with a CLUSTER of MICROSERVICES that allows independent upgrading, scaling, and frequent updates without affecting the continuity of the application

▪ The microservice architecture allows extreme customization. This ensures long and effective use of the application by making it adaptive and agile for future changes in business requirements, boosting the investment (RoI)

▪ The technology allows developers to build open APIs easily to interface with other legacy systems, mobile apps, or data from other devices

▪ The architecture provides immense user satisfaction as it is lightweight, robust, flexible, easily scalable, and extremely user-friendly


Document storage is virtually unlimited. One terabyte of scanned data is equal to approximately 1,500 four-drawer filing cabinets

Here are some features of i-doc to make your document management more efficient

somnetics intelligent business process automation IBPA


Easily Integrable with Legacy Systems like ERP, HRMS, CRM, etc. from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, OpenText and IBM, etc.

somnetics document management system DMS


High Data and Information Security using Dual-Layer 256-Bit Encryption for all files

somnetics document management system DMS


AI-Assisted Fuzzy Logic Search capable of searching results in milliseconds from millions of pages

somnetics intelligent business process automation IBPA


Switchable Multi-Language View supporting EN, AR, FR, HI, IT, JP, ES, etc.

somnetics document management system DMS


Drag and Drop Process Maker to create all your document-centric workflows

somnetics document management system DMS

Analytics Module

Slice and Dice with Responsive and Interactive Graphs and Filters

Choose an i-doc that suits you the best!


i-doc Lite

  • An easy-to-use, budget-friendly one-stop-solution
  • Intended for MSMEs & professionals like Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Doctors, Patent Attorneys, Corporate Communication Professionals, etc.
  • Rapid Deployment over Cloud
  • Saves the cost to IT as there is no investment in maintenance, thereby reducing the TCO
  • Easily upgraded to i-doc Pro

i-doc Pro

  • Intelligent, content-aware, and workflow-driven DMS
  • Intended for Large Enterprises, MNCs & Governments who require state of the art solutions for complex problems of large magnitude
  • Cloud, On-Premise, and Hybrid Deployment
  • Provides futuristic solutions with RPA, AI, and integration with IoT devices
  • Multi-Lingual Support

i-doc Pro: Arabic

  • All features of i-doc Pro with added features for Arabic
  • Intended for Arabic language users across industries and governments
  • Dual Language English-Arabic Menu
  • Right to Left Writing & Right Hand Side Menu with Full-Text Search in English-Arabic
  • Electronic Document Creation in Arabic with E-signature & Digital Stamp
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