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Somnetics Software

Somnetics provides you with the Digital Platform that transforms the way you handle, store, utilize & visualize your content. Our software products are versatile, swiftly deployable, extremely customizable, & fully scalable and integrable.

Our products promise

a high RoI for a low TCO. Here's why:

Future-proof software that mitigates the risk of redundancy from a major technological shift.

Our team of dedicated Support Engineers provide 24x7 reliable post-sales support to ensure that our clients are covered, throughout the life-cycle of the purchased license.

Our products secure your investment in us and also values your previous investments. The capability to integrate with legacy systems helps to avoid them from becoming irrelevant to your business.

Our Offerings

Somnetics equips organizations across all industries and governments to digitize and intelligently automate their processes. The versatility of our software products in their configuration and deployment, backed by the economical cost makes it a great investment.

about somnetics software som imaging informatics pvt ltd

Intelligent Business Process Automation

Manual business processes and workflows can greatly hamper your customer and employee experience.

Eliminate such challenges by automating your business process intelligently with our content-aware, low-code/no-code platform that bridges the OT-IT gap: i-flow

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about somnetics software som imaging informatics pvt ltd

Data Visualization & Analytics

Monitor your process insights and analyze them with real-time interactive data dashboards and reports, from a single web-based interface.

Perform business analysis across devices and locations, and improve your decision making with light and swift Analysis Software.

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about somnetics software som imaging informatics pvt ltd

Document Management System

Is the mismanagement of content hampering your productivity and threatening its security? A robust and fool-proof Document Management System is what you need.

i-doc puts you in control of all the content, allowing you to seamlessly govern the information and reap concrete gains.

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about somnetics software som imaging informatics pvt ltd

Digital Library Solution

i-lib caters to multidisciplinary needs, allowing web-based access to all types of digital data of an organization.

This digital library software is designed to read all types of documents including images, audio, video, emails, records, projects, visualizations and more.

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