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Archival of Engineering Drawings

The archiving of as-built and approved drawings, along with the drawing lists, vendor test reports and site test reports with i-doc DMS
Customer Profile

This client is one of the earliest integrated steel plants in the Public Sector in India, set with German Collaboration with an installed capacity of 1 million tonnes. After implementing a massive modernisation and expansion, the plant capacity increased to 4.5 million tonnes of hot metal and 4.2 million tonnes of crude steel.

Problem Statement

The project engineers of different disciplines faced challenges maintaining large engineering drawings in a steel plant of such magnitude. Working on these drawings were highly time-consuming as the project engineers had to follow several copies of a single drawing, and each discipline had limitless sub-indexing which was proving very difficult to maintain manually and prone to errors. Additionally, engineers were required to maintain secrecy about the approved drawing and not expose it to engineers of different disciplines.

Proposed Solution

The as-built drawings were uploaded to i-doc with the correct indexing and sub-indexing, which were generated systematically through the system to avoid duplication. AutoCAD (.dwg) files could also be searched and viewed in the in-built viewer. All the as-built and approved drawings were archived in the server and retrieved with just a few clicks. The user could download and edit drawings offline and re-upload the same with a versioning facility. A user-wise rights assignment feature was set for accessing the modules (discipline) in i-doc to helped maintain inter-disciplinary secrecy.

The fully automated archiving helped reduce manual labour by 40% saving almost 20,000 man-hours every year with quick search and retrieval of documents
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