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About our solutions

What our solutions focus to deliver:

Somnetics understands that in today's scenario, many organizations are lacking in their major functional roles. To address this lacuna, Somnetics has developed a plethora of solutions to streamline and extract the most out of the processes.

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The modernization of infrastructure that our solutions provide, help our customers to boost organizational efficiency.

Our easy to implement solutions yield increased collaboration between departments, employees and even vendors our clients work with, automate redundant tasks.

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Our configurable solutions understand a customer's business, its goals and pathway to scale it to the next level.

The power of easy-to-consume dashboards and reports are immense, which helps gain an insight into different aspects of the business and take that vital decision that propels it forward.

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Business Continuity

In today's world, one thing a business cannot afford is its operations being impacted due to an unprecedented event.

Our solutions provide you with the visibility and control over your business processes and the associated information to ensure its continuity at all times, no matter what the situation.

Our Offerings

Somnetics capacitates your organization to efficiently manage its documents and all other types of content. We enable you to work on them collaboratively and intelligently through automated processes and gain insights into what's working for your business and what's not.

Intelligent Business Process Automation

We simplify your processes and eliminate redundancies by creating smooth document-centric workflows, content-aware ones!

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Robotic Process Automation

We help your business create a smart software-based robotic digital workforce that reduces the costs related to manual, repetitive intervention with your systems.

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Collaborative Solutions

We enable users to access, share, view and change documents with ease, from anywhere and boost business processes of all magnitudes.

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Document Management

We centralize all your documents to make them easily accessible, swiftly searchable, strongly secured and yes, save a lot of paper and physical space.

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Record Management

We systematically control the records of your organization, across their life cycle to ensure that they can meet the statutory and fiscal needs as well as operational business requirements and community expectations.

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Data Visualization & Analytics

Our intuitive and interactive data visualization and analytics solutions put you in driving seat, and you do need a business analyst or a BI team for that.

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