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Stay connected & get work done, easily!

Get your team together, collaborate and execute projects. Secured document sharing, real-time chat & much more.

Communication and transparency are vital to working cohesively and efficiently, especially with participating members working from different locations. As an old saying goes, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link." This is most accurate to collaboration when a team, multiple teams and stakeholders have to work together, sometimes remotely as well.

A smart collaboration solution does just that. It ensures that working together is kept as organic as possible, the users feel connected and their ability to work remotely is improved.

Our collaboration solution makes documents readily available at all times and across all locations to optimize and boost business processes of all magnitudes. Users can access, share, view and change files with ease, and the right to do all this easily controllable by the owner of the document. Work together, efficiently, from anywhere.

Key Features and Benefits of somnetics Collaboration Solution

54% of employees get innovative ideas through collaboration with colleagues. Collaborate to innovate!

Full Visibility & Accountability

Presents the team with the bigger picture and how their actions contribute to it

Enables Group Participation

Overcomes the challenges of team members being in different locations and time zones

Real-Time Progress Tracking

Shows daily and hourly status of tasks and workloads to adapt processes accordingly

Integration with Existing Systems

Get all your existing systems in one consolidated environment and make the most of it

Improved Project Management

Get the most out of your team with better communication, better visibility and well-defined goals

Time Saving & Cost Reduction

Time is money! Achieve end goals quicker, collaborate remotely and avoid travel expenses, succeed together

Our Prestigious Customers

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Functionalities of somnetics Collaboration Solution

Our Collaboration Solution is a single platform to enable your teams to work together, effortlessly and efficiently!

A shared space to organize your tasks, follow timelines and discuss ideas to achieve success.

▪ Easy sharing of documents within a group

▪ Sharing via token or link for external users

▪ High security with dual-layer 256-bit encryption

▪ Notification to a user on task assignment

▪ Sync tasks with calendar

▪ Parallel review and commenting by all assigned reviewers of a task on any document

▪ Annotation on documents/drawings

▪ Comments trail to keep a track of all comments for context

▪ Review and approval of documents with to and fro task assignment

▪ Check-out feature to download and share with a document for collaboration with stakeholders

▪ Analytical dashboards to show project and task status

▪ Admin controls for efficient scheduling and member management

Our solution fosters interaction between people, allowing them to work collectively and efficiently.

▪ Allows to share files that give multiple users access to collateral

▪ Chat threads help the team to stay connected

▪ Gives an insight into the team's progress and workload

▪ Facilitates group work and makes working together simpler