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Customer Profile

This client is a Utilities and Service Company that provides urban infrastructure services and specializes in township management services. It provides civic services in the areas of building and industrial construction, road construction and maintenance, design and planning consultancy for delivering physical planning, architectural and structural needs of modern townships and overall town planning.

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Problem Statement

The client was concerned about the unnecessary effort and time put to locate drawings manually. This task was extremely difficult and tedious. The manual handling of the drawings led to them being damaged. There was a requirement to get the information related to the drawings from the DMS, smartly.

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Proposed Solution

All the information related to the drawings were arranged and presented to the user in an orderly fashion. Drawings and Documents were stored in Location Folders, with summary information like counts of folders, published and unpublished files. The user could also view all important metadata associated with Drawings and Documents like drawing name, location, date of drawing and status – published/unpublished, by clicking on the row of the desired file.
To search the required file from the DMS, multiple smart search mechanisms were employed, which makes searching effortless and fast.
Custom Search allows searching with different combinations of text from the index fields with AND/OR logic. It allows to search between two dates of creation of the documents. The filter mechanism is possible in various combinations of folders, files, content and metatags. This helps to sort the results are per the requirement of the user.
In a scenario where a user misspells the search keyword, Fuzzy Logic Search helps to extract results smartly by considering alternative spellings and phonetically similar terms.

somnetics sucess stories award
Lightning-fast search features that can retrieve millions of records in milliseconds resulted in savings of 7 man-hours per resource per week, which was earlier used in locating drawings manually
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