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key features and benefits of intelligent business process automation somnetics IBPA
idoc faq
idoc faq

Eliminate manual data tasks and process redundancies!

Handle both structured and unstructured content and data in a content-aware manner and leverage it to automate your processes

The streamlining of processes and modernization of operations is vital to achieving Digital Transformation. These practices help organizations to adapt quickly to changes in the market and provide a better experience to their customers, partners and employees.

Business Process Automation serves as the stepping stone to Digital Transformation and helps organizations gain more clarity about their processes. Automating recurring tasks aids in attaining consistency and in return gives reliable results, which help better the experience.

Our comprehensive BPA solution is a step ahead of its competition - it is Intelligent Business Process Automation. Not only does it automate processes smoothly, but it also does so in a content-aware manner, i.e. it judges a document from its content and decides the subsequent actions that are to be performed on that document. Intelligent, isn't it?


Employees end up spending anywhere between 8-20 hours a week on manual unstructured data tasks! Intelligent BPA can help mitigate that

somnetics intelligent business process automation IBPA

Improved Operational Efficiency

Reduce the time taken to accomplish a task, the effort needed to engage in it and the cost to achieve it successfully

somnetics document management system DMS

Reduced Turnaround Times

Adjust process, eliminate redundancies and distil the operational performance for a speedy delivery

somnetics document management system DMS

Increased Quality & Consistency

Ensure that every action in your processes is performed consistently and offer high quality, reliable results

somnetics intelligent business process automation IBPA

Visibility of Metrics

Track KPIs from an intuitive dashboard and get detailed reports to tweak the process performance to the optimum

somnetics document management system DMS

Greater Compliance

Record detailed logs of task performers, tasks are timelines that exhibit compliance during audits

somnetics document management system DMS

Satisfied Customers

Consistently meet SLAs, deliver quality products & services and apply AI to resolve client complaints accurately

Prestigious Customers

Trusted by more than 650 customers

idoc dms features somnetics document management system featues

Intelligent BPA solution ingests data from various sources and utilizes it to boost your business process to its optimum

Create end-to-end complex workflows and automation modules to get the most of of your processes.

Our solution helps simplify your business processes for you and puts you in charge.

idoc faq
intelligent business process automation somnetics IBPA functionalities
idoc faq

▪ Content-aware data handling and application

▪ Drag & drop workflow modelling

▪ Low-code/No-code intuitive form designer

▪ Detailed role-based access control

▪ Notification alerts for SLA/OLA adherence

▪ Powerful administrator features like bulk actions, move & edit

▪ Fully integrable with existing software with detailed API support and much more

▪ Exhaustive insights of the process and with full customization

▪ Collaboration within and across teams to gain valuable input on process optimization and development

▪ Fully accessible across PC, mobile and tablet

▪ Accelerates processes like review and approval by assigning to reviewers automatically - parallelly or sequentially

▪ Automatically reassigns if a reviewer is unavailable or in case of OLA breach

▪ Evaluates and displays all key metrics like workloads, resource availability, etc. to plan and realign the process accordingly

▪ Manages workflows flexibly by supporting both open and closed workflows

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