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Manage records, seamlessly

Get quick, relevant and authentic access to records, thereby ensuring the on-time destruction of repetitious data and security of important & vital records.

Business records are operational and often strategic assets. They have legal, economic, risk management, fiscal, and competitive values. However, many companies lack efficient processes and policies for systematic control of their recorded data.

Business information management has great potential value, yet it is also subjected to costs, security risks, and management challenges.

Somnetics provides you with the optimum solution to improve the value of your records by driving policy to adoption, offering data to people, unifying the physical and electronic records, and growing consistency across locations, work-flows, and departments.

som imaging informatics pvt. ltd | somnetics record management

When there is an unmanaged records ambience, more than 10% of staff time is spent searching for data. Here is how our solution can help


Safeguarding records that are significant to mission-critical business operations

Risk Mitigation

Diminishing risks in Government investigations, lawsuit, and the legal discovery procedure

Compliance Adherence

Assuring compliance with statutory and regulatory record-keeping requirements, thus, evading penalties

Systematic Storage & Retrieval

Organizing data for quick retrieval when required

Reduction in Storage Space

Scheduled deleting or destroying records to save space

Disaster or Loss Management

Eliminating effort and time needed for reconstructing important data

Our Prestigious Customers

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som imaging informatics pvt. ltd | somnetics record management

We design solutions to seamlessly store and manage your records with state-of-the-art security

Electronic Record Management System saves both time and money only if you use a system with the proper features.

▪ Controlled access with audit features

▪ HIPAA compliance

▪ Integration with core software

▪ Disaster recovery and backup

▪ Integrated search

▪ OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Technology

▪ Integrated file retrieval

▪ Web importing

▪ Storage of multiple file types

One of the main purposes of office automation software with a record management system is to assist the users in handling electronic records in an organized manner. Our advanced solutions revolutionize how it is done.

▪ Understands and locates records in a simple manner

▪ Supports decision making and saves admin costs

▪ Helps accomplish business targets and objectives

▪ Offers continuity during a disaster

▪ Fulfils regulatory and legislative needs, thereby supporting accountability

▪ Shields the interests of clients, stakeholders, and employees