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Customer Profile

This client is a super-speciality 1700 bed hospital equipped with state of the art healthcare facilities and provides round the clock services. It employs 1000+ doctors and medical administrators, handles 10500 outpatient visits, and 120 admissions/discharges each day. 23 departments function cohesively to run this massive operation, each supported by modern healthcare equipment and IT infrastructure, and the large database managed by a Hospital Information Management System (HIMS).

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Problem Statement

To run a healthcare facility efficiently, the administration must run smoothly. The administration department requires document and data support to efficiently handle tasks that involve compliance, insurance, legal cases and retrieval of old medical records. The standard turnaround time for seeking medical records was two hours, which was challenging if the medical records were to be accessed in physical format. Also, in the case of medico-legal requirements, the patient record must not be lost or misplaced. The hospital records must be extremely secure and patient information must not be compromised.

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Proposed Solution

The existing database and new data added to it must be in a systematic format to be read by automated systems. A suitable patient record metadata schema was designed to address this. The integration of i-doc with HIMS enabled seamless fetching of metadata from HIMS and populating i-doc. i-doc has advanced security features like NoSQL database safeguards against data theft or DB destruction. Also, its high performing search capabilities can retrieve files and data at blazing speeds.

somnetics sucess stories award
The solution helped to bring down the average search time for a patient record from 4 hours to 2 minutes. All mechanism for the security of documents ensured a foolproof arrangement its security
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