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Customer Profile

This client is a renowned organization that works closely with the National Olympics of one of the Emirates in the UAE. The national body is responsible for all the associated activities with the preparation, training and participation in the Olympic Games.

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Problem Statement

The users had archived documents in various file types, like pictures, word document, excel sheets, etc. and stored in unorganized folders in Google Drive in the Arabic Language. The client wished to migrate and archive the documents in i-doc for better security and also for quicker retrieval.

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Proposed Solution

Registered users could bulk upload digitized and electronic documents to our DMS, i-doc, where the process of OCR enablement in both English and Arabic is carried out simultaneously while uploading. They are systematically stored in folders, complete with accurate metadata. The admin has control over the access permission and the detailed audit log ensures all actions of the documents are captured precisely.

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The organized storage under a common platform coupled with the blazing-fast search capabilities of i-doc resulted in reducing the retrieval time by 50%. The stringent security and comprehensive access management prevented any possibility of unauthorized access
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