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Reduce dependency on paper and organize unstructured data!

Digitize the printed content amassed over years and store it securely, make them accessible when required and have them deleted when the life-cycle is complete. All with a few clicks!

Organizations encounter challenges that arise due to inefficient content management daily. With business processes growing both in scale and complexity, the content associated with them also become more difficult to manage with conventional practices and tools. This directly takes a dig at the performance and the compliance.

A modern solution backed with state-of-the-art technology and tools is imperative to form leakproof content management strategies. The right solution can enable organizations to cut down on costs, increase efficiency and make data-driven business decisions, and achieve the desired outcome.

While there are numerous ECM software and solutions in the market, nearly 50% of all ECM implementations fail, and almost half of those that 'succeed' add any real business value. By why is it so? Is ECM implementation rocket science? Our rich experience in this field says NO! With more than a decade in the business and successful end-to-end implementation of ECM solutions for numerous Fortune 500 organizations, PSUs and national and international government organizations, Somnetics is a name to reckon with in the ECM space.


Streamline your workflows and enable high flexibility and scalability within the organization. Here are the topmost benefits our solution offers

somnetics intelligent business process automation IBPA

Reducing Operation & Storage Costs

On average, the filing cost per document is $20 and can cost up to $165 to use, process and enter one paper form. We help you cut those costs to a minimal

somnetics document management system DMS

Increasing Efficiency & Productivity

A typical employee spends close to 40% of their time searching documents, with the average search time for a document being 18 minutes. We simplify search!

somnetics document management system DMS

Enabling Content Compliance

Closely monitors and helps manage the content life cycle by reducing outdated versions, creating backups and keeping the documents audit-ready

somnetics intelligent business process automation IBPA

Ensuring Business Continuity

Timely backups and strong recovery processes ensure that your business is always up and running, no matter what happens

somnetics document management system DMS

Improving Decision Making

Providing the decision-makers with quick access to organized information allows them to take all necessary actions to function optimally

somnetics document management system DMS

Gaining Return on Investment

Study suggests that for every $1 spent on well planned ECM solution, organizations can expect a return of up to $6.12

Prestigious Customers

Trusted by more than 650 customers


Nearly 50% of all ECM implementation fail, mostly because of a lack of clarity.

Learn about what we do and how we do it!

Analyzing the content with a clear understanding of the requirements and expectations from an ECM implementation is a must for a successful implementation.

We have a rich experience of more than a decade in providing top-notch ECM Solution that guarantees success. Owing to our exposure to the possible risks and the various solutions to mitigate them to achieve success, we offer ECM Consultation to both Clients as well as ECM Implementation Vendors.

Organizations with a capable IT Team often undertake ECM implementation projects by either developing or procuring ECM tools. Such projects do not meet their desired goals due to it being evaluated as just another IT project.

ECM Implementation Vendors undertake projects that might be more complex and challenging than their estimation. Such projects either lead to failure, putting the reputation of the vendor in a bad light or leading to poor customer satisfaction. We offer our valuable insights to help vendors successfully execute the implementation of ECM projects.

idoc faq
somnetics ecm consultation functionalities
Functionalities of somnetics Collaboration Solution

▪ How will ECM help to achieve the long-term and short-term business goals?

▪ How are different kinds of content currently handled?

▪ Do departments have their content management solutions individually?

▪ How does information flow through the different departments of the organization?

▪ Who are the people who use and interact with content and what are their requirements?

▪ Project Feasibility Study

▪ System Design & Architecture

▪ Vendor Handholding

▪ ECM Quality Assurance

▪ ECM Integration Services

▪ Project Feasibility Study

▪ Project Costing

▪ Vendor Selection

▪ Integration Support

▪ Change Management - Long Term Handholding

▪ Guidance to Quote Right

▪ Risk Analysis and Management

▪ Selection of Appropriate Equipment and Software

▪ Design of Workflows

▪ Quality Assurance

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