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Customer Profile

This client is among the leading global steel companies, its annual crude steel capacity across Indian operations is more than 13 metric ton per annum. The Legal Operations spread over 200 locations in India includes roughly 90 different courts and 120 customer departments. Hundreds of lawyers are involved with a large number of cases associated with the business across India.

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Problem Statement

The client had many old case files in the physical form, which weren't included in their Legal Information System. These files occupied storage space spanning across many rooms, for many years and were under the risk of being damaged due to weathering. To add to it, locating these files for any purpose were very difficult as they weren't appropriate indexed spread over a large physical space.

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Proposed Solution

The vast volumes of legacy case files were digitized with a simple and fast scanning solution integrated with i-doc via Scanstream, a highly capable scanning management solution. The entire process was designed in such a manner that metadata of the case files was captured with an automated process, thus minimizing manual effort.

somnetics sucess stories award
The solution mitigated the risk of documents getting destroyed, saved costs associate with storage and maintenance and freed the physical space for other productive processes. It also made searching for documents very easy and quick
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