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Key Features and Benefits of Document Management somnetics dms
idoc faq
idoc faq

Overcome the chaos of content!

Centralize all your documents to make them easily accessible, swiftly searchable, strongly secured and yes, save a lot of paper and physical space.

Content is usually stored across various physical locations and in multiple storage types. The documents can be stored in physical form or digital formats like emails, shared drives, computers and removable storage devices, etc. The larger the organization, the larger the volume of documents, leading to a bigger challenge in managing them.

This mismanagement of documents hampers accessibility, productivity and collaboration, while being a threat to the security of the documents.

The document management solution from Somnetics gives you full control over your content and helps boost the efficiency of your processes. Your content and information need not be in silos anymore!


Studies suggest, over 5 years, investment in the right document management solution results in nearly 400% ROI.

Here's how we can make it happen for your business

somnetics intelligent business process automation IBPA

Easy Accessibility

The centrally located documents, either on Cloud or the servers, can be accessed from anywhere through a simple web-based platform on desktop, mobile or tab. Information on-the-go!

somnetics document management system DMS

Swift Searchability

Intelligent search with Fuzzy Logic and a systematic data storage structured for quick retrieval results in blazing fast search - thousands of files in milliseconds

somnetics document management system DMS

Strong Security

Dual-layer 256-bit encryption for all files and data, both for data in rest and in motion ensures foolproof security. Additionally, a highly sensitive document can be locked or vaulted

somnetics intelligent business process automation IBPA

Content-Process Integration

Maximise content usability by combining it with automated workflows. Use the rich metadata and content to streamline any content-related activity

somnetics document management system DMS

Increased Organizational Transparency

Keep track of the latest version with version control and have details of any modifications made to documents with audit logs

somnetics document management system DMS

Achieve Collaborative Success

Share documents within and across departments, annotate on documents to communicate and chat to be on the same page!

Prestigious Customers

Trusted by more than 650 customers


Our document management solution gives back the valuable time your employees spend on searching documents i.e. nearly 50% of their time

It is imperative to select the right tools & technologies to ensure end-to-end Document Management

Our solution can effortlessly handle a wide variety of document formats - from email, images, forms and contracts, and perform all of its functions seamlessly.

idoc faq
Functionalities of somnetics Document Management DMS
idoc faq

▪ Intakes documents through manual or automated bulk uploads of scanned or electronic copies and integrated email upload

▪ Processes and transforms to digital information with accurate OCR

▪ Correctly tags all documents with appropriate information with reliable Indexing

▪ Allows fully configurable search backed by Fuzzy Logic

▪ Avoids confusion and errors by maintaining the latest versions of documents and check-in and check-out

▪ Provides a high level of security to the documents with robust authorization and advanced encryption methods

▪ Offers expansive rights and roles control to ensure documents are made accessible correctly

▪ Store documents centrally and allow quick access

▪ Secure all documents and provide authorized access only

▪ Show a log of actions made on documents

▪ Maintain a record of different versions of documents with details

▪ Allow comments on documents without editing the document

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