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Somnetics offers an excellent working environment that not only supports professional growth but also focuses on HR management style and corporate values specifically in the areas of interpersonal relations and work-life balance. Such policies play a huge role in reinforcing employee retention and establish a positive reputation for the organization. Various fun activities are conducted to celebrate different themes and events and have become an integral part of our work culture. Here are some moments with the Somnetics Family!

New Office Inauguration - SDF

Every step forward in the growth of the organization is a reason to celebrate, with each passing day we are expanding, evolving and reaching new heights paving the way for a brighter future.Somnetics celebrated the inauguration of another new office at SDF- Sector V, Salt Lake, on the auspicious day of Akshay Tritiya. With every new part we add to our buildings, we are making our company stronger for the future, helping us to come up with new ideas and work better together. In a workplace fostering a sense of unity and belonging makes our organization feel like home and our team as Somnetics Family.

Sanchari Das Pinnacle Award 2023

Excited to share a few moments of yesterday’s Somnetics Annual Awards Function – Sanchari Das Pinnacle Awards. Our Employee of the Year award is dedicated to a dear Team Mate Sanchari who was the epitome of sincerity, honesty, dedication and a never- give-up attitude. She left us all too soon after battling with cancer. A true Somnetian in spirit and attitude, we at Somnetics will never allow ourselves to forget her.  A total of 14 teammates were recognised. We had 3 categories – Kudos, Hats-off and the Mega Award was the Sanchari Das Pinnacle Award.

Azadi @Somnetics 2023

Team Somnetics joined together for the 77th Independence Day of our country, India and celebrated 76 years of free lives on the 15th of August 2023 paying respect to the martyrdoms of the Indian Independence struggle.

The important day was marked by an enthusiastic cultural program with patriotic songs being played and sung with hearts filled with pride for our motherland.

The day ended with the National flag distribution ceremony followed by the Indian National Anthem – Jana Gana Mana.

Rath Yatra Puja @Somnetics

Somnetians celebrated Rath Yatra, the festival of joy, feasting, merrymaking and devotion as an example of the unity in diversity in our incredible India. The Rath Yatra celebration in office signifies the united force of human beings.

Celebration of this sort teaches us the lesson that God is present within our hearts and minds, thus we must respect and honour each other.

The entire celebration was focused to instill the values of unity, plurality and brotherhood.

Team Lunch

A Team lunch was organised to boost collaboration and camaraderie for enhancing confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline among the employees of the organization. The perfect way to gather, laugh, and discuss while enjoying a delicious meal. It offers a chance to spend quality time together in a different setting, doing various activities that help them better get to know one another.

Engaged employees view the workplace and team success as their own.

Picnic - 2023

Somnetics arranged for a refreshing tonic to release the springs of joy held down by the burden of duties and responsibilities of its employees. An Office Picnic, which is a pleasant diversion for breaking the monotony of life to bring into a touch of variety. Carrying us away from the world of our daily existence into a world that is different, touching the prose of life.

An outing together with colleagues in the chilly winter air, away from well-marked conveniences to bring out the very best in each of us, making us realise that we are human beings with distinctive personalities, yet capable of co-existing.

Christmas at Somnetics 2022

Today on the Christmas Eve as we wait for Santa to slide down the chimney flying on his sleigh from the snowy country in the North to spread the Christmas cheer, let’s take a glimpse of how the Somnetians got together to share the giving spree in a sheer quirky course of action of exchanging gifts with their ‘Secret Santa’ with some sugary goodness.

Let’s behold the magic of Santa Claus with inner joy, light and peace and make this Christmas more beautiful.

Corporate Health Checkup at Somnetics

A healthy staff is always capable of delivering better results. Access to health information is important as some may not visit the doctor or have blood sugar and blood pressure checked, as they do not notice any symptoms.

Somnetics in association with Suraksha Diagnostic arranged for a Health Check-up Camp to promote goodwill and a healthy work environment within the Organization ensuring a healthy Work - Life Balance. This mandatory health check-up would push them to go for a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, daily exercise and many more healthy habits.

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  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Well-Being

UNICORN Team Lunch

The Order Entry team of Somnetics gathered on the 5th of September 2022 for the reward and recognition program hosted by the HR Department as a part of Employee Engagement Program. An engaged, motivated workforce is one of the most important success factors for the business. Engagement programs nurture professional development and promote physical, emotional and social well-being. The program was for highlighting the extra ordinary performers for their hard work and effort towards the organizational growth and development. It was a well organized, motivating event accompanied by a scrumptious lunch.

Celebration of - Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav' and 75th Independence Day

Celebrating the flavour of 75th anniversary of independence & Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav of our country at Somnetics, we planned on an eventful day. The office was decked in Indian Colours, with distribution of flags and batches, accompanied by the singing of The National Anthem. This was followed by a short guest speech. We spoke about our country, what makes us proud Indians and various achievements of India in multiple domains where everyone participated. The Tri Colour Ethnic Wear dress code and the patriotic live music added a spirit of Nationalism to the event. Employee engagement to uplift the national spirit and morale is an important part of our "NationFirst" policy and we make sure that we do it in our own way.

New Division Kick Off - "UNICORN"

To celebrate the onset of a business partnership deal with Client, Somnetics organized a Team Dinner to raise a toast to a new beginning of UNICORN.

As the companies would begin to have a closer working relationship. It was a great opportunity to get to know each other better and discuss future business prospects.

Team Get Together and Dinner

Employees are the pillar behind successful projects. It is because of their dedication and hard work that we complete our projects within the designated time frame and start with new projects, taking our organization to new heights.

A Team Dinner organised by the management of Somnetics for connecting with the staff on a personal level for better team building and discussing business growth opportunities.

Shree Ganesha & Maha Laxmi Puja

With the blessings of God, Somnetics have been able to fulfil its dream of moving to bigger and better office space. The Office warming ceremony ensured a successful, positive energy environment and upliftment of a new venture.

The office entrance was decorated with flowers for the auspicious day, as it is not only an entry point for people but also good health and prosperity. Worshipping Lord Ganesha and Maha Lakshmi remove obstacles and bring on fortune. All the employees folded hands together to seek blessings and remove any hurdles from the path of their journey.

COVID-19 Vaccination Drive

Somnetics believes in and dedicates itself to its social responsibilities. COVID-19 has challenged life as we know it in various ways. Somnetics has been through these difficult times to stand by its employees and ensure their well-being.

We have been quick to respond and adapt to remote working requirements and follow all protocols as per national and international regulations.

With vaccines being one of the major elements to safeguard oneself against COVID-19, Somnetics, through its Social Response Unit has conducted vaccine drives to ensure hassle-free vaccination for its employees and their families.

Somnetics is committed to supporting its employees and face these testing times as one big family!

Corporate Office Inauguration

One of the best feelings is to watch your organization grow. As we marched ahead on our journey to become an industry leader in our expertise, growing infrastructurally was also very important.

The year 2018 presented us with the milestone of relocating our Head Office to Srijan Tech Park at Salt Lake, Kolkata. The new office brought about a rekindled drive for excellence and the motivation to achieve higher success.

The team has built many memories since and now this is what the Somnetics Family calls home.

Award & Recognition

We appreciate the awards and accolades we receive, for raising the bar of technological disruption, and we believe in celebrating and sharing that joy with the team whose relentless efforts make it possible.

We also believe in rewarding and recognising our employees for their outstanding efforts. This appreciation boosts and motivates them further.


The team and management at Somnetics put in an impressive time and effort on planning and making arrangements for several events to celebrate various festivals and themes.

Various events like Independence Day, Women’s Day, Ethnic Day, Christmas, Eid are celebrated with great enthusiasm and brings great diversity into the work environment. Birthdays are a great way for the team to celebrate their colleague's special day.

The members bring out all their creativity during the Secret Santa events and find out quirky ways to make their colleagues feel special and smile!

Team Outing

Annual Team Outing at picturesque locales with interesting sports, gifts, sumptuous lunch and cocktails parties are an integral part of the event is an event the entire office looks forward to.

The members interact with their colleagues on personal terms, meet families and create a strong social bonding, which is a welcome relief from the regular professional interaction.

A full day of unwinding goes a long way in lifting spirits, creating bonds and memories, and getting back to the office with a rejuvenated zeal!

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