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Somnetics offers an excellent working environment that not only supports professional growth but also focuses on HR management style and corporate values specifically in the areas of interpersonal relations and work-life balance. Such policies play a huge role in reinforcing employee retention and establish a positive reputation for the organization. Various fun activities are conducted to celebrate different themes and events and have become an integral part of our work culture. Here are some moments with the Somnetics Family!

COVID-19 Vaccination Drive

Somnetics believes in and dedicates itself to its social responsibilities. COVID-19 has challenged life as we know it in various ways. Somnetics has been through these difficult times to stand by its employees and ensure their well-being.

We have been quick to respond and adapt to remote working requirements and follow all protocols as per national and international regulations.

With vaccines being one of the major elements to safeguard oneself against COVID-19, Somnetics, through its Social Response Unit has conducted vaccine drives to ensure hassle-free vaccination for its employees and their families.

Somnetics is committed to supporting its employees and face these testing times as one big family!

Corporate Office Inauguration

One of the best feelings is to watch your organization grow. As we marched ahead on our journey to become an industry leader in our expertise, growing infrastructurally was also very important.

The year 2018 presented us with the milestone of relocating our Head Office to Srijan Tech Park at Salt Lake, Kolkata. The new office brought about a rekindled drive for excellence and the motivation to achieve higher success.

The team has built many memories since and now this is what the Somnetics Family calls home.

Award & Recognition

We appreciate the awards and accolades we receive, for raising the bar of technological disruption, and we believe in celebrating and sharing that joy with the team whose relentless efforts make it possible.

We also believe in rewarding and recognising our employees for their outstanding efforts. This appreciation boosts and motivates them further.


The team and management at Somnetics put in an impressive time and effort on planning and making arrangements for several events to celebrate various festivals and themes.

Various events like Independence Day, Women’s Day, Ethnic Day, Christmas, Eid are celebrated with great enthusiasm and brings great diversity into the work environment. Birthdays are a great way for the team to celebrate their colleague's special day.

The members bring out all their creativity during the Secret Santa events and find out quirky ways to make their colleagues feel special and smile!

Team Outing

Annual Team Outing at picturesque locales with interesting sports, gifts, sumptuous lunch and cocktails parties are an integral part of the event is an event the entire office looks forward to.

The members interact with their colleagues on personal terms, meet families and create a strong social bonding, which is a welcome relief from the regular professional interaction.

A full day of unwinding goes a long way in lifting spirits, creating bonds and memories, and getting back to the office with a rejuvenated zeal!