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Customer Profile

This client is among the leading global steel companies, its annual crude steel capacity across Indian operations is more than 13 metric ton per annum. The Legal Operations spread over 200 locations in India includes roughly 90 different courts and 120 customer departments. Hundreds of lawyers are involved with a large number of cases associated with the business across India.

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Problem Statement

The Legal Information System (LIS) did not contain legacy case files from the pre-LIS era. This made it difficult for users to access all case files and data associated with it. The client was looking for a solution to get real-time business insights from i-doc.

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Proposed Solution

On studying the data structure of LIS, i-doc and LIS were integrated with web services. The solution was designed as below:
1. Receiving exiting LIS data: The existing case data was migrated from LIS through JSON files and captured in i-doc with a script
2. Migrating data in real-time from LIS: A secured service by i-doc using JWT received data in real-time from LIS. JSON Web Token is an open standard that defines a compact and self-contained way for securely transmitting information between parties as a JSON object
3. Update LIS DB for cases captured from scanning: Document mapping in i-doc with fetched data during upload by a unique ID. A service is provided by middleware development to update LIS data with a Link

somnetics sucess stories award
Both i-doc and LIS databases remain in sync and case information can be accessed by users in real-time. All case-related metrics and documents are made available in i-doc as well as LIS
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