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The RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group is an Indian industrial and services conglomerate with products as electric utility, retailing, IT services, media, education and sport. Some of its subsidiaries are CESC Ltd., Spencer's Retail, Saregama, etc.

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Problem Statement

The group has more than 20 companies and even more branches, and transfer, sharing, collaboration and retrieval of documents is imperative for its communication team to function smoothly.
Owing to the massive size of the group, retrieval of particular content from emails and their following trails consumed a lot of time and did not produce the desired output. The sheer volume of emails outran the space provided by Google Drive. Searching a document in the plethora of emails was like getting lost in a maze with no exits.
These documents were needed at different times at different geographical locations and had to be sent multiple times to different recipients, generating a lot of redundant labour. Hard copy documents generated were scattered all over and the quality of their maintenance, security of confidential documents and proper transportation was a cause of concern.

somnetics sucess stories award
Proposed Solution

Somnetics offered the i-doc DMS that could upload, store, search, and retrieve data easily. Backed by cloud technology, i-doc offered easy access to digital documents across all locations and device platforms (PC, smartphones, tablets).
With an excellent search framework and the role and rights-based access control, i-doc provided the facility for document collaboration and document versioning.

somnetics sucess stories award
The entire corporate communication team could execute their document-centric activities and share important information with other departments from a single platform and a commonly shared interface
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