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Customer Profile

This client is one of the Emirates’ Government Departments in UAE. Multiple departments of the Government, including Administration, Crown Prince Office, Immigration, Purchase, Legal, Media, Library and Region Development were considering complete digital transformation. These departments were operating manually at offices, and the communications were through hard copy documents. This solution was implemented for the Administration Department.

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Problem Statement

Creating an outward memo, organizing all the related documents with it, getting it reviewed and then approved by the authorized persons was becoming a time-consuming task manually. Also, no tracking mechanism was in place to know which memos are pending for review and approval.

somnetics sucess stories award
Proposed Solution

A two-step approval process with BPMN workflow modeller was designed. The entire process of creating an Outward Memo was automated, with a word-like editor to allow the user to create a memo with a template from the application. The output is a searchable PDF with a unique QR code. An Out Memo can also be created against an In Memo. There is the provision to scan and upload the related documents and attach them to the memo. The QR code is linked with the related documents. The Somnetics tool for making the OCR for the Arabic language in this process gives nearly 90% of accuracy. The workflow is automated with dynamic task management, with pending and completed tasks for the logged-in user. The creator’s task is complete when the document is submitted with all metadata entered and related documents attached. The reviewer gets this memo in the pending task queue and can either approve or reject it with comments. Once the final approval is done by the Department Head, the digital stamp and e-signature of the person are imprinted on the document.

somnetics sucess stories award
The creation and approval process of all outward memos from the Administration Department to other departments is automated with i-doc, allowing the approver to review and approve the memos on mobile devices. The status of the memos can be retrieved quickly and the automation of a document-heavy process results in saving of paper
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