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Customer Profile

This client is one of the Emirates’ Government Departments in UAE. Multiple departments of the Government, including Administration, Crown Prince Office, Immigration, Purchase, Legal, Media, Library and Region Development were considering complete digital transformation. These departments were operating manually at offices, and the communications were through hard copy documents. This solution was implemented for the Immigration Department.

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Problem Statement

The Immigration Department had several folders of archived circulars and internal endorsements which were challenging to maintain manually. Although they were kept systematically, correctly labelled in the racks, with the growing size of these highly sensitive and confidential documents, the department found it unsafe to keep the documents safe in their physical state.

somnetics sucess stories award
Proposed Solution

Somnetics conducted a thorough inspection of the existing procedures, generated a detailed SOP to designed the entire process to digitize the documents. The scanning resources were recommended and the local team was trained to carry out the scanning and digitization. The solution included the registering of physical locators like room/cabinet/rack, and identifying each folder in the racks by a barcode. Scanstream, Somnetics' indigenous scanning management software was used to upload the documents OCRed for Arabic/English in batches for the selected folders (barcode). Each file (document) under a folder (barcode) was indexed by the indexing team and then published in i-doc.

somnetics sucess stories award
The physical documents were digitized with the footprint of the physical locators making it very easy to search for them, in mere milliseconds. A user could physically locate a document with the help of physical locator
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