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Customer Profile

This client is one of the Emirates’ Government Departments in UAE. Multiple departments of the Government, including Administration, Crown Prince Office, Immigration, Purchase, Legal, Media, Library and Region Development were considering complete digital transformation. These departments were operating manually at offices, and the communications were through hard copy documents. This solution was implemented for the Purchasing Department.

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Problem Statement

Money in different amounts is required for the smooth functioning of various department functions. The request for money is raised by the different departments and it is managed through the Cash Management Workflow. This process was entirely manual, causing the client to lack the controls in the process, since the steps could not be backtracked efficiently, with more than 100 transactions and cash requests done each day.

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Proposed Solution

An interface was designed where the creator enters the item details of the payment voucher, like description, quantity, unit rate and the amount for each invoice, rounding of the total amount. A voucher can have multiple items in it. The BPMN 2.0 created a two-step workflow where the creator submits the electronic requisition to the Head of Purchase, who verifies and submits it to the Purchase Director for approval. A digital stamp is automatically added on approval.

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The related documents are housed in a single platform. The vouchers raised for approval are readily trackable at each stage of the process. The usage of paper is greatly reduced and the process is made accessible on mobile devices, reducing the time for approval
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