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Customer Profile

This client is a Utilities and Service Company that provides urban infrastructure services and specializes in township management services. It provides civic services in the areas of building and industrial construction, road construction and maintenance, design and planning consultancy for delivering physical planning, architectural and structural needs of modern townships and overall town planning.

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Problem Statement

The Design, Engineering and Town Planning Department wanted their users to upload important documents they are generating. They also wanted to restrict uploading wrong or unwanted documents. Hence, there was a need for a system to upload user documents with an approval mechanism.

somnetics sucess stories award
Proposed Solution

The solution provides a hierarchy of approvals with the User, Superuser and Administrator. A Superuser is linked to a set of disciplines (Architecture, Civil, Electrical, Instrumentation, GIS, etc) and can only approve requests of Users belonging to those disciplines.
When a User submits for uploading a document with a given index, a task is assigned to the Superuser for approval. The approval by the Superuser results in the document getting published. If the Superuser rejects it with a comment, it gets assigned to the User as a Pending Task, which the user may update and re-submit for approval.
Also, when a User wishes to delete a document from i-doc, a similar workflow is followed, where the Superuser grants permission for the doc to be deleted.

somnetics sucess stories award
The solution ensures the foolproof management of departmental documents with every action on the document requiring the approval of the Superuser. It also brought transparency in the process by preserving all the documents in a centralised location
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