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Customer Profile

This client is a 130 years old association, recognized as the apex organization representing the Indian jute industry, with 37 composite jute mills as its members. It serves as an intermediary between the Central and State governments. All the important data concerning the jute industry is maintained on its premises.

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Problem Statement

The association had a workflow process for outgoing letters in place. The volume of such outgoing communications was increasing by the day and the organisation was finding it very difficult to continue the process with manual approval and signing by the Director-General.

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Proposed Solution

The solution helped to create the outgoing letters as a PDF file with the company letterhead in the template. The user also had the choice to scan the hard copy letter and upload it to i-doc DMS. Once the letter is submitted to the Director-General, it can be approved with updates if required, or sent back to the creator with comments for changes. On approval, digital stamp and e-signature are endorsed in the letter for dispatch.

somnetics sucess stories award
It simplified the approval process, eliminating the efforts and cost related to the manual approval and signing process. The outgoing letters were archived in a single platform and database
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