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Digital Mailroom and Task Management

A Digital Mailroom to manage both physical letters and e-mails, integrated with a Task Management System to enable users to stay updated and take necessary actions in time
Customer Profile

This client is a 130 years old association, recognized as the apex organization representing the Indian jute industry, with 37 composite jute mills as its members. It serves as an intermediary between the Central and State governments. All the important data concerning the jute industry is maintained on its premises.

Problem Statement

Since the incoming documents to the association are in the form of either emails or physical letters, it was difficult to keep track of them systematically. Moreover, the approval mechanism was complicated and clumsy. Pending actions by the Director-General and subsequent approvals by the Chairman could not be traced easily in the manual operation, causing a lot of difficulties.

Proposed Solution

The solution model of the workflow was designed using BPMN modeller. For incoming e-mails, the digital mailroom was set up, where the recipient uploads the e-mail in the system and submits it to the appropriate authority for further action.
For physical letters, the recipient scans and uploads the letter with relevant metadata into i-doc and then follows the same process of the workflow.
Dynamic task management enables users at each level to view their pending tasks in their dashboard and take action. The system dashboard displays the overall pending tasks in real-time, which is visible to all the users at all times.

The solution allows seamless management of both hard copy letters and emails and integration of emails to i-doc allowing users all information through a single medium. The inteliFlow dashboard displays users' task status, helping them to take action in time
Intelligent Business Process Automation

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