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Customer Profile

This client is one of the Emirates’ Government Departments in UAE. Multiple departments of the Government, including Administration, Crown Prince Office, Immigration, Purchase, Legal, Media, Library and Region Development were considering complete digital transformation. These departments were operating manually at offices, and the communications were through hard copy documents. This solution was implemented for the Immigration Department.

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Problem Statement

Processing of the incoming requests from several external government departments was entirely manual. The Immigration Department intended to change this because the management of too many such requests about various application types like Employment Visa (New), Visit Visa (New), Renewal of Visa, Cancellation of Visa and Deporting was very difficult.

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Proposed Solution

An automated solution is designed to capture the incoming documents from the external departments (IN Request Documents) and the IN Memos from the other departments as requests, circulars and endorsements. Each request is associated with an application type. Once the incoming document is saved, the required index fields associated with the document are entered by the department user. The user can then preview the document with its metadata and confirm to publish the document. A Digital Stamp is imprinted at the bottom right of the memo on publishing.

somnetics sucess stories award
The Inward Memo processing is fully automated, thereby reducing manual effort and tracking them easily. The filtered In Memo list based on search criteria is readily available in a fraction of a second
Intelligent Business Process Automation

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