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86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures

A business is fighting a different battle every day. However, the hurdles become easier to conquer when you have an efficient team to share the load within the organization. When a talented team, with clear objectives, work towards a shared goal, success is bound to come.

And just how can you make things simpler for your team? By giving them a platform that brings their work together, helps simplify it, and manage projects together as a team. Yes, you give them a platform to Effectively Collaborate and Automate any repetitive tasks, intelligently!

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inteliFlow is the one-stop solution for Intelligent Process Automation and Process Collaboration, to help take your team forward!

Increase process transparency with easy-to-use dashboards and reports, achieve acceleration in review processes with intelligent automation and ensure smooth process flow with prompt notifications and automated escalations.

Working together and efficiently was never made this simple!


Up to 80% of businesses use collaboration tools to improve business processes and achieve more.

Here's how inteliFlow helps you achieve it!

Go Code-Free

Easy drag and drop form and flow designer to create and manage processes, without coding

Experience AI

Let NLP capable AI workers take care of the repetitive tasks so that your team can focus where it matters the most!

Readily Integrate

Bring all the work tools that your team needs on one platform, with this API integration-ready platform

Modify or Build

Use existing workflow templates, modify them, or build one from scratch. Create forms to best suit your process. The power of customization, in your hands!

Organize Efficiently

View to-dos with List View, close deadlines with Timeline View and monitor stage-by-stage development with Board View

Monitor Progress

Follow your team's progress closely with real-time analysis visualized on intuitive graphs. Address potential obstacles and keep the process flow smooth

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