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Customer Profile

The client headquartered in Kolkata, India, specializes in manufacturing, distribution, and life-cycle management of wear-resistant lining components required for the grinding, sizing and beneficiation of minerals, downstream equipment such as hydro-cyclones and flotation columns, fluid transportation and filtration systems used in the industry.

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Problem Statement

Research papers, subject texts, and various other learning resources are important assets for the client. The effort to manage the resources in printed or hard copy format created a database which was localized, ineither sharable on a geographic span, nor easily searchable.

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Proposed Solution

The Knowledge Management solution automated internal training process by making relevant resources available, modified training session into an on demand available module. Any employee with pre-requisite qualification could undergo specific training and take assessment exam to improve qualification.

somnetics sucess stories award
The solution helped forster a learning ecology through the organization, inspiring employees to learn more and achieve more
Digital Library Solution

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