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Customer Profile

This client is among the leading global steel companies, its annual crude steel capacity across Indian operations is more than 13 metric ton per annum. The Legal Operations spread over 200 locations in India includes roughly 90 different courts and 120 customer departments. Hundreds of lawyers are involved with a large number of cases associated with the business across India.

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Problem Statement

The decision-makers in the legal department need business insight in terms of various distributions of the cases, the financial impact, cost distribution, upcoming appearances, etc. The statistical analysis of the available data took a toll on the human resources as it was a critical and time-consuming task if done manually.

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Proposed Solution

A JavaScript-based custom interactive tool with intensive capabilities for data dashboarding and analytics was developed. The dashboard provides various charts on case distributions for different parameters like parties, locations, courts, case categories, lawyers, statistical analysis on the cost for the cases and related parameters. The solution enables a real-time view of these visual analytics whenever a change in the database happened. The filters are available interactively from the charts.

somnetics sucess stories award
The visual analytics dashboard provided instant information, helping stakeholders gain transparency and make data-driven decisions critical to business. The effort to analyse data was greatly reduced
Data Visualization & Analytics

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