Robotic Process Automation

Automates Business Processes using Software Robots or AI Workers

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What organizations in the process industry require the most is a technology partner who basically understands their business well. Somnetics is a reliable partner in overcoming the daily challenges. With our state-of-the-art solutions, products, and services, and many years of industry experience, we can help you accomplish your goals - for your worthwhile business development.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technological application that helps your business create a smart software-based robotic digital workforce that reduces the costs related to manual, repetitive intervention with your systems. RPA can develop productivity gains, transformative effectiveness, along with can motivate amazing client service, and drive an excellent process.

Any organization that utilizes labor on a large scale for general knowledge procedure work, where people are functioning highly-transactional, high-volume procedure functions, will improve their capacities and spare time and money with Robotic Process Automation software.

Simply because the industrial robots are remarking the manufacturing industry by making high-production rates and enhanced quality, RPA is revolutionizing the way we think about and administer IT support procedures, business process, remote infrastructure, workflow procedures, and back-office work. Robotic Process Automation offers dramatic enhancements in cycle time and accuracy and maximized productivity in transaction processing when it leverages the way of work by removing people from repetitive, dull jobs.

Features of Robotic Process Automation

Elements Of Seamless Solution Platform

RPA solutions can be utilized for both executions of work in assisting and also in replacing humans completely, and in decision-making jobs - again in assisting and also in replacing humans. In order to understand how much business value is offered by Robotic Process Automation, let us discuss its features first:

  • Flexibility
  • User-friendly
  • Scheduling capacities
  • Rich reports and dashboards
  • Trigger based event execution
  • Catering to both technical and non-technical users

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

Allowing Robotic Process Automation to manage every process will not just streamline and transform your company's workflow but also will enable for high flexibility and scalability within the organization, doubled by quick, tailored response to particular requirements. RPA delivers direct profitability while enhancing accuracy across industries and enterprises. Topmost benefits of RPA solutions include:

Elements Of Seamless Solution Platform

Rapid ROI

Generally, one software robot can outperform and replace 3 workers. In less than 1 year, most organizations already have a positive return on their investment.

Wide-range automation

Extending across an ever-growing number of industries, RPA speeds up as well as executes with ideal accuracy procedures in the fields of insurance, banking & finance, manufacturing, Healthcare, Telecommunication, and so forth.

Powerful analytics

Data collection becomes exhaustive and agile. RPA allows better management and offers insights for ongoing business development.

Enterprise scalability

RPA introduces a highly scalable and flexible virtual office space with minimized induction time.

Functionalities of Robotic Process Automation

Clients choose Somnetics RPA platform because of our expertise, experience, and customer interaction. Utilizing the best of breed automation software, our speedy deployment strategies and automation management platform, the Seamless Solution Platform, we closely handle your transition to the digital manpower - introducing momentum to your journey and supplying fast results.

Elements Of Seamless Solution Platform

Optimizing your employees

Our digital manpower helps optimize the role of human staffs leading to more precious functions. This enables to work smarter in a more sophisticated, better way. This results in higher employee output, increased staff retention, and an entryway to better innovation.

Low-risk, cost-effective, and flexible service

By exclusively delivering a digital manpower solution, we minimize supplier risk and management difficulties - so you can fast accomplish advantages. Through our robust technology labs, you will encounter a highly flexible service - provided in a budget-friendly way.

Industry-leading solution platform

Seamless supplies the best-quality procedures, strategies, and standards managed by a team with unmatched automation experience.

What Somnetics Provides


Seamless Solution Platform is an 'element integrated platform' for fast development of business applications. It is the combined technology behind our various software products.

Developing an application with Seamless is quite easier and quicker. Since business needs evolve, the applications can be maximized or easily adapted in order to remain appropriate.

In terms of solving business problems the solutions like BPM, DMS, HRMS, ERP, IoT and industrial automation deal with most basic components of resolving and are able to manage one or two components simultaneously. Additionally, they work in isolation and do not communicate with each other.

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Seamless is a codeless development system and hence, it minimizes testing, deployment, and development effort by a margin of 70%. Our integrated ECM solution keeps images, document, and multimedia content safe and searchable.

As already mentioned, Seamless uses element-integrated architecture by which an application's functions are stored in elements, instead of being hard-coded in a programming language. The greater advantage of this is that developing an application using Seamless platform means configuring the elements rather than writing code from scratch.

Let us have a look at the top beneficial features of Seamless architecture platform:

  • Lean, potent, 3 tier RAD for hybrid application development.
  • Can develop integrated ECM, BPM, and M2M applications in days.
  • Workflows can be drawn, modeled, and executed.
  • Cloud ready and browser based.
  • Exceptionally high security.
  • Intuitive, easy, and responsive UI.
  • Code-less function to designing application.
  • Can notify through SMS, email, or WhatsApp.
  • Integrated document management and digital content module.
  • Integration with 'Things'# for IoT and IIoT apps development.