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Enterprise Task Management in Somnetics India

Nowadays, enterprises require unique, but easy-to-use tools which enable efficient collaboration, portfolio-wide visibility, project management success, and effective resource utilization. And considering this, it is not surprising that some successful enterprises of the nation choose Somnetics.

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Our state-of-the-art Enterprise task management software solution is deployed successfully by a host of government and enterprise clients.

What is Enterprise Task Management?

Enterprise task management is a scalable system with automated workflow capacities, a rich API that integrates with anything, and optional Business Intelligence functionality.

Features of Enterprise Task Management

Features of Enterprise Task Mangement

Now in competitive business landscape, unique but easy-to-use enterprise task management solutions that drive organizational objectives and support teams are important - not optional. Nevertheless, in spite of this, many organizations find themselves struggling with traditional task management software that users find difficult, inappropriate, and bloated to their regular requirements. And that is where Somnetics makes a transformative difference. Somnetics' award-winning enterprise task management solution features:

Work management

Easily manage and collaborate on work as a team without the structure of a project, but have visibility into the work for planning and reporting purposes.

Time and task management

Utilize a common and centralized approach to task management and time reporting.

Demand management

Acquire visibility into operational activities, projects, and daily work. Progression and streamline project initiation by implementing relevant governance and control.

Schedule management

Project delivery on time with a map for delivery system and execution to tracking advancement and handling change.

Resource management

Result delivery with your manpower today and plan for the future to handle surplus and losses across a planning horizon.

Program management

Deliver the predicted advantages of the entire program and across underlying in-flight projects with the extra advantage of creating and use techniques that provide a program initiation and selection framework.

Benefits of Enterprise Task Management

Possibly the biggest advantage of Enterprise task management software is that it can be deployed with zero engagement of your IT department. Additionally, this software is completely customizable to meet your business requirements and can be very quickly deployed enabling you for getting to ROI faster. We will spin around and look at the advantages can be enjoyed by the employees from utilizing an Enterprise Task Management system, and there are many more than these enlisted here:

Benefits of Enterprise Task Management
  • Enterprise Task Management solutions ease handling priorities, deadlines, and managing exception cases, whereas making sure they remain in compliance with company processes and policies.
  • Deploying every system experiences user adoption complexes; nevertheless, there are prime advantages for employees that must be highlighted as a part of emergence.
  • Enterprise Task Management systems provide noteworthy advantages for the people who are utilizing them, not only for the enterprise.
  • Employees are capable of showing simply how busy they are with factual data, instead of depending on feelings.
  • Users find a notable elimination in the paperwork burden and also time spent on making reports ready and in status meetings. This implies more time can be contributed to functioning on what counts, particularly working on deliverables for internal and external clients.

Functionalities of Enterprise Task Management

Functionalities of Enterprise Task Management

Have you ever considered using Enterprise Task Management system or delegating some of your tasks for saving worthy resources like time and money, and maximize your productivity? If so, then you are absolutely not alone. Numerous business owners - be small or big - have been very much successful at it, and are intense defender of the functionalities of Enterprise Task Management. If you are still not convinced that Enterprise Task Management could bring you ample advantages for your organization and your both professional and personal life - simply sit back, relax, and have a look at some of the most basic functionalities of Task Management.

  • Real-time synchronization of data and completion of the task with complete visibility on workflows.
  • Cross-platform task management for the enterprise users delivering true, efficient management of business procedure, and team collaboration
  • Compliance with business standards and processes, needing team members for performing work to the standards of your organization and a complete audit trail.
  • Role-based permissions enabling you to designate who can see statuses and work, and also who can delegate tasks and get reports on progress.
  • Outlook email synchronization for both calendars and email across your user base.
  • Recurring task setting and assignment with a click of the mouse.
  • Job timers for time reporting.
  • Automated and ad hoc reminders.
  • Scalable to all users across various time zones with complete international capacity.
  • Totally customizable with a robust, rich API which will integrate with all other tools or platforms you are running.
  • Easy and simple for deploying without any IT involvement.
  • Easy to use and automatic user interface with quick adoption rates.
  • Demonstrable ROI and productivity outcomes with very quick payback periods.
  • No costly or lengthy deployments - our clients have deployed our ETM solutions as the traditional enterprise task management solutions took longer time for deploying.
  • Automated workflows functioned on the fly, without any developer involvement, utilizing our simple workflow UI.
  • Complete reporting and report distribution capacity offering reports on work finished and team progress, down to the staff members and team or departmental levels.
  • Automatic escalation of tasks.
  • Full visibility of every task created, being completed or performed in real-time.
  • Top-notch enterprise-class security.

What Somnetics provides


Our Enterprise Task Management solution enables you to take control over your task and workflow management. However, it does not stop there because we also provide a suite of tools to oppose every traditional BPM solution available on the market.

Thereby, now you can track not just team activity and staff productivity, but also handle resource allocation of every asset utilized in the work procedure. Identification of work obstacles and balancing individual staff member and team workloads is easy and simple to achieve, with at a glance customizable graphical representations and dashboards displaying real-time work and load.

We also have a completely integrated task management system with our automated workflow functionality, enabling you to create workflows utilizing our workflow interface. This enables you to automatically assign tasks through your workflow, utilizing the permissions and rules you set for suiting how you do the business. Additionally, you can edit and change your workflows and enhance your business procedures.

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Our ETM solution enables you to attach work artifacts to task objects as they flow through the system. Hence, you can attach documents or images, or even completed digital work product, for onward transmission to the next assignee in the workflow. This saves both money and time.