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Enterprise Content Management in Somnetics India

It is possible to describe Enterprise Content Management in many ways because there are so many ECM solutions. In case you are not aware of the concept of ECM and ECM solutions, you first may find it confusing.

A numerous number of terms are related to ECM - Business Process Management, Document Management, Imaging, Case Management, Full-Text Indexing, Records Management etc. Let us first start with the basics:

What is Enterprise Content Management?

ECM is the umbrella term for the strategy, technology, and techniques utilized for capturing, managing, accessing, integrating, measuring, and storing data. The value of ECM software must go way beyond easy scan, store, and retrieve solutions. The perfect ECM system encompasses the ECM building blocks.

ECM solution is designed for handling enterprises' documents. The unstructured data - incorporating Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, and scanned images are stored and made available to the right users at the right time. From contract management to commercial supply chains, or Government administration to HR processes, the driving force behind applying an ECM solution is doing business a better way.

Features of Enterprise Content Management

Features of Enterprise Content Management

Listening to our clients over the years, we have found continuous goals for applying ECM. Our industry-leading ECM solution, named ScanStream has already achieved these goals and more. Here are five key features of and Enterprise Content Management solution:

  • Capture documents digitally.
  • Store documents in a digital repository.
  • Retrieve documents, regardless of device or location.
  • Automate document-driven procedures.
  • Reduce organizational tasks and secure documents.

Benefits of Enterprise Content Management

By reducing dependence on paper documents and organizing unstructured data as per business requirement, enterprises are empowered for working more effectively. And yes, it has been actually made possible by implementing ECM solutions. Listed below are the top potential benefits of an ECM solution:

Benefits of Enterprise Content Management
  • Reduction in operating costs can be accomplished directly by implementing, workflow and imaging components of an ECM solution.
  • A properly applied ECM solution reduces outdated or redundant versions/copies of content that leads to a reduction in storage needs directly.
  • Maximized productivity is accomplished by getting the right data in the right hands at the right time.
  • Reduced e-discovery expenses are a definite advantage of an ECM solution.
  • Enhanced work-life balance is realized as information and workers, who have better tools for working with, spend lesser time in working overtime and more time with their families.
  • Maximized client satisfaction is the result of getting an answer the client requires when they want it.
  • An ECM solution gives decision makers better information, more quickly.
  • A properly implemented and architected ECM solution consider archives, backups, near and offline storage, and disaster recovery as well.

Functionalities of ECM

ScanStream is a combined group of ECM solutions designed for helping enterprises taking complete benefits of the opportunities through digital transformations. ScanStream offers a lot of advantages which have continuously earned it a leadership position in the industry analyst reports and is the Enterprise Content Management System is a preference for best-performing companies. Let's have a look at the top functionalities of an ECM solution:

Functionalities of Enterprise Content Management
  • Outstanding integration and assistance for prime enterprise applications build a bridge which allows complete digital transformation within enterprises and assists a comprehensive Data Governance Program.
  • Industry-leading Enterprise Information Management and Governance, integrated with a client-based experience driven by transparency, simplicity, and involvement, makes an all-inclusive ECM platform which provides with more depth, breadth, and advantages than other vendors.
  • A large variety of industry-specific solution accelerators speeds deployment and integration with lead applications.
  • Deep integration between products enables an easy stream of data from one business app to another as solutions develop.
  • Flexible architecture allows clients to deploy every offering individually with no interdependence of monolithic stack architecture.

What Somnetics Provides


One of the coolest things about the benefits of a properly applied ECM solution is that it is cumulative. This means that you will be getting more value for the similar amount of effort. Now let us know how ScanStream is beneficial for your business:

Saves time and reduces costs

ScanStream helps you meet all data-based business challenges purposefully and gains key advantages. The goal is to find, administer, and archive data fast and reliably. Since all company-related documents and data can be digitized and archived with our ECM solutions, storage costs are reduced. You often just need a fraction of your original paper supply. You also comply with the applicable laws and fulfill your different compliance needs.

By avoiding media breaks, you obtain better entire throughout times and also by eliminating search and access times. ScanStream helps you structure as well as organize your data and documents. The central, uniform storage of company data makes fast and comprehensive research possible. Handling duplicate data sets is avoided also. All documents present precisely once, are always available immediately and up-to-date.

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Enhances transparency

Since your staffs can avail essential data in a matter of seconds only, their capacity of giving information enhances. Cross-references to other data and documents build relationships to other organization procedures and enhance transparency in the next step. Electronic workflows prevent invoices, contracts, orders, etc. from being forgotten. Compliance with payment terms is made sure, expiring contracts are no more missed.

Overall, ScanStream makes sure higher process quality while at the same time making sure better service for your clients.