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Case Management in Somnetics India

From financial implementations to complex contract processing and insurance claims, case-based procedures have several needs associated with distribution, workflows, and content storage. Somnetics offers the case management solutions for improving time to service requests with complete security.

What is Case Management Software?

Case Management is the classification of data, dynamic procedures, and collaboration in support of case work. This Case Work is classified into 4 styles: service requests, investigations, process to the decision, and incident management. Basically, Case is a single view into every data, task, file, collaboration, action, and history engaging particular investigation, service request, incident, or process. The Case Management Software is able to unify all significant capacities in support of every style of case work. Case Management Systems supply pre-built solutions for common case work patterns.

Features of Case Management

Features of Case Management

Case Management is an essential element that handles client communications engaging complex requests and long-duration jobs with the organization. Its tough to the work of client-serving companies but it is sometimes manual, paper-driven, and affected by mistakes, causing the delay with the inefficient management visibility. A balance between dealing with the new incoming requests and existing cases is a must, and that must be done in a way which nothing goes neglected. Each case, each client engaged, each piece of data must be in place and available for its most effective solution. Somnetics with this view has its Case Management solution designed for helping the enterprises use their workforce in the best way of handling every case.

  • With the usage of customized workflows and form templates, cases are produced, stored, and managed in real-time.
  • The case management software's powerful reporting suite allows to have reports for being defined as well as scheduled for running at intervals, delivered in a format ready for publication for further manipulation. The user-configurable reports give more detailed analysis and dashboards for the visual representation.
  • A centralized private cloud makes it easy to decide all the cases related to a specific contact at every point of time for evaluating whether there are any kind of risk or conflict.
  • i-doc's Case Management Software provides the flexibility of designing your own case form without any special skill.
  • i-doc is having the cloud-based platform with secure access via 128 bit SHA-5 content/data/file encryption.
  • Our Case Management Software helps the field workers to avail the data via their mobile devices on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.
  • Our Case Management Software is built appropriately with every other system for accommodating the requirement of the enterprise.

Benefits of Case Management

Benefits of Case Management

The advantages of case management solutions include helping organizations and companies as these solutions can optimize and efficiently utilize data and content for gaining a competitive benefit. In this wide developing industry, the advantages of case management have helped this kind of solutions develop as a leader in helping organizations use technology solutions for gaining the most out of their content. Let us find top benefits of our Case Management solution:

  • Improved process manageability.
  • Allows for organized, meaningful information.
  • End result = better decision making.
  • User-friendly and can be easily integrated with your legacy systems without the hassle of installation.
  • Supports all multimedia files for texts, images and videos.
  • Files can be linked, shared, archived, viewed, locked, and attached.

Functionalities of Case Management

Our case management solution is a dynamic solution platform. Interactions between people, process, data, and content can be dynamic, ad hoc, and unpredictable. Unify these interactions for better, faster, smarter decisions. Support all styles of case work-including Investigations, Incident Management, Service Requests, and Process to Decision-with i-doc.

Functionalities of Case Management
  • BPM offers rules and process modeling to enforce case policies and rules.
  • Case File is a single view into all files, data, tasks, collaborations, actions, and history involving particular incidents, investigations, processes, or service requests.
  • In the context of a case, collaboration promotes the exchange of quick conclusions and professional opinions as a group.
  • Audit trails offer the history of every content, collaboration, and process event in the context of the case.
  • Ad-hoc activities enable caseworkers for creating, designing, and completing work items in the context of the case, without the requirement for a predefined sequence of events.

Now that you have understood Case Management, learn about Somnetics's Case Management Software.

What Somnetics provides


Our Enterprise Task Management solution enables you to take control over your task and workflow management. However, it does not stop there because we also provide a suite of tools to oppose every traditional BPM solution available on the market.

Thereby, now you can track not just team activity and staff productivity, but also handle resource allocation of every asset utilized in the work procedure. Identification of work obstacles and balancing individual staff member and team workloads is easy and simple to achieve, with at a glance customizable graphical representations and dashboards displaying real-time work and load.

We also have a completely integrated task management system with our automated workflow functionality, enabling you to create workflows utilizing our workflow interface. This enables you to automatically assign tasks through your workflow, utilizing the permissions and rules you set for suiting how you do the business. Additionally, you can edit and change your workflows and enhance your business procedures.

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With our state-of-the-art case management, you can adapt to the unexpected, either automated or event-driven changes to the case and its procedures through the inclusion of ad-hoc work. Our CM combines real-time adaptability with its excellent case designing solutions which enable ad-hoc inclusions to a case for being saved as a new template.

  • Manage all exceptions with effectiveness. Utilizing adaptive case flow, you can respond dynamically and automatically to events, and unexpected work can be included as a case proceeds.
  • Optimize your case management procedures with a comprehensive case management which assist all of the work needed. Our case management makes it simple to unify different procedures processes and content required for the tasks, case, and its sub-cases.
  • Improve caseworker understanding and proficiency. The caseworker desktop offers total visibility into every case, its nested tasks, and sub-cases also as their connections to each other and the case management procedures, systems, content, and people participating.
  • Maximize consistency and lessen errors. Context-based, real-time case management processing makes sure the right rules, processes, content, and interface are utilized depending on the particular context of the case at that point in time.
  • Eliminate time and money for applying case management solutions. Our CM solutions‚ capacity enables new tasks, cases, and sub-cases for being saved and reused. Our case designer offers an easy-to-use, familiar interface for producing new case types and their related procedures which simplify as well as speed up the procedure of applying new case management applications.

i-doc provides an agile, comprehensive, secure and compliant method of managing ‘case-based scenarios’ that involves customer communications, process documents, reports and supporting documentation, forms, analytics, business rules and multi-party collaboration. Our platform has purpose built modules catering to typical ‘case management’ requirements in terms of creating dynamic workflows to manage ad-hoc routings, rapid process changes, incident reporting, and investigation management from the initiation of the case until its successful resolution.