Seamless Solution Platform

Manage Projects, Assets, Inventory, Customer Relation

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Seamless Solution Platform is an 'element integrated platform' for rapid development of business applications. It is the unifying technology behind our various software products.

Seamless™ is the ultimate Rapid Application Development (RAD) framework for development of high performance, high availability, cloud ready, Business, Industrial or Hybrid process automation applications.

Being a codeless development framework, Seamless™ reduces development, testing and deployment effort by a margin of 70%. Integrated Enterprise Content Management (ECM) engine keeps documents, images and multimedia content secured and searchable. Seamless™ talks to a family of 250 smart sensors and transducers effortlessly – a dream for IoT (Internet of Things) application developers worldwide.

The application development potentials are in traditional Business Solutions, Healthcare, Bioinformatics, Document Management, Digital Archives, Smart Grids, Smart Cities and Hybrid Industrial Automation space.

A product from OpenLabs™, the R&D lab of Somnetics, Seamless™ is proudly made in India, which is all set to triumph over the high technology solution domain, worldwide.

What you can do with i-doc

  • Connected car systems monitoring
  • Smart driving assistance
  • Cloud-based infotainment solutions
  • Automated emergency management
  • Real-time fleet management
  • Real-time fleet management
  • Real-time fleet management
  • Driver safety systems

The Seamless Solution

Elements Of Seamless Solution Platform

Seamless uses element-integrated architecture whereby the functions of an application are stored in elements, rather than being hard-coded in a programming language. The great benefit of this is that creating an application using Seamless means configuring the elements instead of writing code from scratch.

In other words, creating an application with Seamless is much faster and simpler. And when business requirements evolve, the application can be easily adapted or expanded to remain relevant.

While traditional solutions like ERP, HRMS, DMS, BPM, IoT and industrial automation handles most key elements of solving problem, they handle one or two elements at a time. Also, they work in isolation, not communicating with each other. Most of such solutions have different time zones of birth and their platforms and architectures lacks interoperability. Eventually they form a disconnected domain and often creates more issues than they solve.

“We required an intelligent platform to bring the people,
process, logic, digital content, machines and cognition
together to get a solution.”

Scanners in Somnetics India

The Seamless Architecture

  • Robust, lean, 3 tier RAD for hybrid application development
  • Integrated BPM, ECM and M2M application can be developed in days
  • Draw, model and execute workflows
  • Browser based and Cloud ready
  • Extremely high security
  • Easy, intuitive and responsive UI
  • Code-less function to application design
  • Notification to email, SMS or WhatsApp
  • Integration with ‘Things’# for IoT & IIoT application development
  • Integrated document management & digital content module

Typical Application Verticals

Business ProcessManagement
Smart Environment,Health & Safety
Big Data

The Seamless Architecture

Decades after the emergence of IT, it is apparent that most companies are experiencing difficulties juggling different management systems, different databases, from different vendors, and especially with different technologies, creating this abundance of solutions that require expertise and custom applications. Until recently, it has not been possible to bring the different technology, used in the majority of companies, together on one platform.

Seamless Solution Platform can design and deliver multiple solutions from a single platform that users should be able to harmonize to get one single global management system.

Process Monitoring

One of the most important features offered by a BPM Suite is the automated and real-time monitoring, control and analysis of company activity, which enables fast and well-informed decision-making.

During process monitoring any weaknesses in business activity are brought to light. Changes can then be made in the processes to optimize their functioning and efficiency. These improvements naturally generate the culture of continuous improvement in the company.

Dynamic Case Management

Dynamic Case Management provides solutions to specific issues that need to be resolved in an organization, at any given time. The cases come from loosely structured requests (internal and external), such as: incidents, claims, requests for goods or services, records, projects, etc., they follow many alternative paths and end when the case has been resolved.

Smart Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries

The agricultural, livestock and fishing sectors are entering the digital era to improve and adapt their activities in terms of sustainability, to enhance productivity and become more competitive.

These sectors use devices which directly transmit measurements, results and all types of information collected from: Machines, systems and Sensors.

In other words, devices that collect data such as: Humidity, temperature and light measurements, Temperature controls during rearing, Measurement of gas levels (methane, ammonia, etc.), Oxygen and PH levels in fish farms etc.

The combination of devices with BPM is proving extremely beneficial for the agricultural, fishing and livestock industries.


Smart City is an emerging concept and is therefore subject to constant revision. It refers to a type of urban development that uses high technology to achieve sustainable development capable of meeting the population’s basic needs.

Technology is essential to achieve these improvements. The Internet of Things plays an important role in meeting the objectives of smart cities and through Internet-connected devices and good process management it is possible to infinitely automate a city’s daily tasks. Such automation saves money and resources creating a much more efficient city.

Pollution control, Health & Safety

Pollution data is collected and monitored through smart sensors and processed in Seamless. The values monitored as per rules, trends are kept under constant watch and alerts are communicated via platforms communication subsystem.

From the Internet of Things to the Internet of Everything

Both concepts are based on connectivity. The cutting-edge concept of the Internet of Things has quickly been overshadowed by the Internet of Everything, a concept which is more far-reaching than the first.

The Internet of Things is a concept which refers to the digital interconnectivity of everyday objects with the Internet. It also refers to a time in which more Things are connected to the Internet than people. The Internet of Everything (IoE) is simply an evolution of the Internet of Things which, in addition to objects and the Internet, involves processes and people. Thus everything is connected and intelligence is multiplied.

Data Analytic

IoT data – sourced automatically from real-world smart objects with sensing/actuating, computing and communication modules of Seamless along-with the workflow or transactional data can be sent for analytic and decision support system modeling.

In addition to this structured data sets, the content data, generally in unstructured form can be fed through semantic searches or content filtering.