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A High Performance PCCM Solution

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i-doc pro is just not a typical document management software. It is conceived, designed and built to provide solutions to critical challenges a government or enterprise face at various stages of their business. A majority of i-doc pro’s success story originated from customers who already had internationally famous document management software but somehow their challenges remained un-addressed.

We call i-doc pro a disruptive solution. In a real world, process management and content management solutions do generally talk to each other, or even when they do – they do it through a connector. In such situations, i-doc pro is a dream come true. It can handle the duties of a BPM and ECM solution and still do more. This is a new breed of solution emerging which are referred as “Process, Content and Collaboration Management” (PCCM) solutions.

The problem every CIO faces: When a BPM application like ERP creates and imports various business contents (commonly referred as documents a.k.a docs) but does not know how to keep and manage them, it is a beginning of a large disconnect. Similarly a DMS can do the later task well, but does not know what a business process is. It can put a document into a process but cannot manage any business process unless the process is document-centric. This gives birth to another disconnect. Till now large enterprises tried to tackle the issues by using APIs and connectors. That actually gave birth to more problems that it solves. Multiple applications, connector failure, multiple database, version incompatibility, user issues are dotting this landscape of a forced solution. All of them translate into high cost of ownership, drooping efficiency and increased business risks.

  • BPM and ECM applications do not talk to each other
  • APIs and connectors cause more issues than they solve
  • Multiple application and DB adds up issues, costs
  • Document centric process management has big limitation

Process, Content and Collaboration Management

i-doc pro is actually clever business process automation application with a high capability content management solution originating from the same code base, sharing the same DB and file system. It manages all process centric documents or document centric process from a singular perspective and topology. So, it can handle the job of a traditional BPM and DMS applications and do more. Extensive amount of research, design inputs and intelligence is associated with the development of this disruptive solution. Although built upon two layers of software frameworks ‘Seamless’ and ‘GreenFrog MVC’, i-doc pro is modular, extremely customizable and amazingly lightweight.

  • i-doc pro is an integrated process, content and collaboration management suite
  • It is a disruptive product of extensive R&D
  • Can handle both process centric or document centric workflows
  • i-doc pro is robust, future proof affordable solution
  • Feasibility of extreme customization

Few satisfied Customers of i-doc pro PCCM System

Customer Testimonials

  We would like to put into record that the Project Division of Exide Industries Ltd. has implemented online document management (i-doc pro) developed by M/S Som Imaging Informatics Pvt. Ltd.

This online documentation software was launched in May 2014, which has helped in preservation and accessibility of documents for a longer period of time overcoming the constraints of file management.

We are extremely satisfied with i-doc pro and their post sale support.  

Mr. R. K. Verma

Exide Industries Ltd.
India's largest Battery manufacturer

  This is to certify that we had engaged Som Imaging Informatics Pvt. Ltd. for content management service. We are also using their “i-doc pro” document management software for managing our documents for the Corporate Communications department of our Group.

We have found their products and services to be highly professional and satisfactory.  

Ms. Saumyapriya Hajra
Sr. Manager-Corporate Communications

RP - Sanjiv Goenka Group
Indian conglomerate with annual revenues of US $2.5 billion

  This is to certify that Som Imaging Informatics Pvt Ltd, has digitized 530, 000 pages at Raw Materials Division, Kolkata.

We are also using i-doc pro Document Management System for managing soft-copies of scanned files. We find their service and software highly satisfactory and beneficial.  

Mr. Harshavardhan Gunda
Asstt. Manager (C & IT)

Steel Authority of India Limited
India's largest steel making company

i-doc Pro Features

Success Stories
Great returns on your investment
Major Features

Enough Success Stories

Within a short time, i-doc pro started proving its mettle in most challenging situations. One after another, it handled some very difficult implementations by some the largest Corporations which could not be addressed by legacy solutions. At the same time with many users, i-doc pro was rolled out as traditional DMS and it just worked fine the way it was intended. Interestingly, in few occasions, new challenges came up after the implementations as customer witnessed change in business landscape – where it was cakewalk for i-doc pro to just not adopt the new changes but it delivered a lot more and saved the investor in the product from some very high amount of cost. While we always say i-doc pro is a product for tomorrow, it is also a product for today.

  • Success stories in challenging implementations
  • Rapid adoption by mega corporations
  • Can work as tradition DMS & BPM applications
  • Future ready

Interestingly enough, i-doc pro’s design team was leaned to deliver a solution which will offer high performance at a reasonable cost. Although it is product of capability, i-doc pro remains affordable and offers immediate and long term benefits to its user. The return on investment (ROI) factor of i-doc pro is one of the strongest parts of i-doc propulsion in business driving its acquisition model.

Immediate benefit on ROI

  • One time license fee, no annual renewals
  • Flexible licensing: Concurrent (CAL) or Named (NUL) or mixed
  • Browser based end used use
  • Lightweight on IT resources

Long Term benefits on ROI

  • Extreme customization ensures zero redundancy
  • Very fast mobilization and user acceptance reduces training time and cost
  • Runs from most OS and browsers known. Runs on Windows as well as Linux
  • Codeless customization environment reduces future cost and saves 80% time
  • Long term support (LTS)

Framework & OS support

  • Built on MVC Framework
  • SeamlessTM Solution Platform
  • Multi-DB support

Browser & UI

  • Browser Based, Server side application
  • Supports all popular browsers
  • Responsive UI, native mobile and tablet support

Login & Authentication

  • Google Authentication
  • OTP & Biometric Support
  • LDAP Integrated
  • Single Sign On (SSO) native support


  • SQL injection prevention
  • Multiple layers of audit logs
  • SHA-5 content/ file/ data encryption
  • 128 bit encrypted communication

Hierarchy & Access Management

  • Dynamic, multiple levels of hierarchy and roles
  • Automatic hirearchy and organogram viewer
  • Module, Workflow, Form, Folder level fine granular rights management
  • Sharing access management
  • Document locking

Document & Digital Content Setup

  • Document Version Control
  • Document Attachment/ linking
  • Digital Comment Thread/ Digital Note Sheet
  • File Sharing
  • Hot Folder/ Watched Folder integration
  • Content Collaboration
  • DMS supported file formats - PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, JPEG, MP3, MP4, DWG, CDR
  • Automatic archiving
  • Document life-cycle control
  • Document locking
  • Document check in/out
  • Physical location/ GPS tagging

Content Viewer

  • Unified content viewer
  • Multiple file format supports document, drawing, audio, video, medical images (DICOM) from the same viewer
  • Highlighting, annotation and watermarking


  • Full text search
  • Simple Google like or complex Boolean search
  • Search result grouping
  • Saved searches
  • Searching in metadata and content

Tasks & Communication

  • Integrated Task Management System
  • Calendar with task and to-do notification
  • Email/ SMS/ WhatsApp alert on tasks
  • SLA & OLA mapping
  • Auto system invoked tasks
  • Automatic system invoked escalation
  • Tasks cab be integrated with business rules
  • System announcement and broadcasting

Wokflow Management

  • Dynamic drag and drop Workflow builder
  • Dynamic drag and drop form builder
  • Workflow and Form integration
  • Hybrid Workflow and Form integrated business rule imposition
  • Content integration with workflow
  • Rules can be driven by cognitive data


  • Multi organization multi department support
  • On premises and Cloud hosted/ SaaS deployment
  • Customized deployment
  • Integration with legacy systems through openAPI or connectors