Image Processing Application

Image Processing Applications

Image processing application are very rare in the market and those that exist mainly serve aesthetic purposes. Our image processing software, Intellisplit aims to process customer application form (CAF). It works on the simple principles of selective extraction, cropping and splitting. Pre- sort scanned documents can be processed into pan cards, credit cards, license, identity cards and alike witthe help of this desktop application. The software is designed to identify and crop the required features like photos, signatures or biometric impressions and re-arrange them in the database or the desired destination folder. Processing any huge customer record accurately would be all the more easier with the help of this application.

Intellisplit Features & Usage

Who Can Use
User Benefits
Best Features
  • Telecom industry
  • Automobile companies
  • Educational institutions
  • Banking Industry
  • ITES Industry (Form processing and Records management)
  • Automated and efficient way to create electronic records.
  • Document capture and batch processing application.
  • Output documents are cropped and splitted in sequential order and numbered accordingly in destination folder.
  • Expedites the process with minimum manual intervention.
  • Simplifies the post scanning process.
  • The user can apply the software for image and signature cropping from various files.
  • Cropping and splitting information from any document.
  • Easily integrates with existing DMS.
  • Signature localization and recognition using ICR techniques.
  • Only works on image files like TIFF and JPEG format.
  • Can be used for processes like CAF.
  • The tool is used for cropping images and signatures.
  • Full feature for signature extraction and image capture with correct ID.
  • Documents are processed without manual processing.
  • The application tool can perform cropping process faster than any other applications available in the market.