Barcode Recognition Software

barcode reading software

This bar code reader application can accurately read one or two dimensional bar codes, auto-crops these barcode images, and saves them in the desired destination folder and database. This bar code reader software reads the string of the bar codes from any zone and angle and rename them according to the binary codes. It can identify, read and recode linear barcodes (1D) from digital images, bitmaps and scanned doc. This application is functional on Tiff, Tiff multiple images and Jpeg format.

Intellisplit Features & Usage

Who Can Use
User Benefits
  • Telecom industry
  • Automobile companies
  • Educational institutions
  • Banking Industry
  • ITES Industry (Form processing and Records management)
  • Reliable data collection.
  • Archiving information in DMS based on barcode reading.
  • Automated reading and processing tool that reduces human effort and time.
  • Routing documents in their destined path for batchwise archiving.
  • Improved management.
  • Accuracy is enhanced for filing documents.
  • Cuts cost in inventory maintenance of an organization.
  • Application helps to cost effectively carry out the process.
  • Dealing with a huge volume of files and documents is easy.
  • Any type of forms, applications or invoice processing can be completed at a very less time with minimum manual intervention.
  • Can perform functions like data storing, batch processing, document routing and database indexing.