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Process integration and synchronization are the optimal goals of management, be it for a small company or for a big one. SomniFlow is a BPM suite that is multitasking in terms of reducing time-consuming paper based file movement between desks, enabling compliance monitoring, real-time supervision, and ultimately linear workflow management.

SomniFlow process connects the employees in a grid where concept transferring can be done instantly, developing organizational learning and reflex. This BPM suite executes a task by moving it from lower to higher executive level. Want to know how SomniFlow can be beneficial for your business? Just have a look:

  • It stays connected with the process when you are away from your desk.
  • It can be integrated with other applications such as sales force etc.
  • Highly cost effective, as user only pays for required usage, higher ROI.
  • Real-time guidance by senior team members to junior executives, lower delay, minimizes chance of error.
  • Improves organizational agility.
  • Minimizes operational error by automated compliance management.
  • As a cloud based software it can be accessed and controlled from any device.

Why choose Somnetics BPM suite for improving your Enterprise integration:

Your organization has tasks that are long running or must be performed by humans

The Workflow defined in the SomniFlow BPMS engine can include Human Task Nodes. These Human Tasks allow tasks to be assigned to individuals or groups. Tasks can be claimed, reassigned, canceled and completed. The Human Task features make it easy to include people in your Enterprise Integration.

You have requirements to capture and report on metrics associated with your enterprise integration

SomniFlow BPM Suite includes a comprehensive Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) engine. This captures advanced statistics related to your workflow integration. Custom Reports and Graphs can be generated to provide visibility into these metrics.
Example metrics include:
The number of accepted vs. rejected messages processed over a given time frame The average time it takes to complete integration Number of messages processed from and to specific systems or entities Service Level Agreement (SLA) Reporting These metrics can be utilized to provide powerful analysis of your Enterprise Integration.

You would like the ability to reconfigure the data flow of your enterprise integration

The BPMS system provides with a graphical editor to configure your workflow processes. The tasks performed in workflow integration can easily be reconfigured, added, removed or reordered.

You need to execute business rules as part of your enterprise integration

The BPMS component of the SomniFlow BPMS allows for centralized management of business rules in an enterprise.
These rules can be used in enterprise integration for activities such as:

  • Complex routing decisions
  • Validation
  • Calculations

You need to support multiple versions of your integration logic

The BPMS system provides with out-of-the-box versioning of your integration process definitions. This makes it possible to have multiple versions of your integration logic active at a time. Clients can invoke different versions of the integration logic to support a phased approach to upgrading your integration logic. Upgrades can occur minimizing the impact on existing client applications. The versioning also allows in process integration logic to continue and finish utilizing the same version of the integration logic that existing when the integration was started while allowing new integration instances to utilize the new logic.