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managed scanning digitization

Research has shown that in an average, each and every employee of an organization wastes almost more than 4-5 hours in a year, looking for hard copy documents that are kept in physical files in an unorganized way. This takes a toll on the employee’s productivity, which has an adverse effect on the goal, productivity and overall output of the organization. In a work environment marked by limitations of time, space and effort, the concept of digitization comes as a pleasant alternative.

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ECM Project

ECM Projects

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Customer Testimonials

  We would like to take an opportunity to thank¬†Som Imaging Informatics Pvt.Ltd¬†¬†for rendering Scanning &¬†Digitization¬†services to our company.

Having business terms with professional vendors like Somnetics is indeed a positive association.  We were highly impressed to see the skilled manpower who made the the entire project successful.

We acknowledge and appreciate your services and look forward to have such excellence in near future as well.  

Mr. Ravi Sethi
Sr. Manager

Canon India Pvt. Ltd.

  This is to certify that M/s. Som Imaging Informatics Pvt. Ltd. have successfully completed scanning of A3 & A4 size of old file‚Äôs pages and digitized approx. 12 lakh pages within stipulated time frame at RHQ-ER, Kolkata. We are satisfied with the services provided by them.  

Mr. S. K. Roy
Astt. Manager (Electronics)

Airports Authority of India
Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India

  We would like to take an opportunity to thank Som Imaging Informatics Pvt. Ltd. For rendering scanning and digitization services to our Hospital.Having business terms with professional vendors like Somnetics is indeed a positive association.

We were impressed to see the skilled manpower who made the entire project successful. We acknowledge and appreciate your services and we look forward to have such excellence in near future as well.  

Mr. Rajib De
General Manager

Sankara Nethralaya
One of the India's largest Eye Hospital

Document Safety and Security

Document Safety and Security

With too many hard copies in your office, it might get difficult to assure 100% safety and security for them. The worst possible situation could arise in cases of hard disk theft, misplacement or natural disasters such as dampening or fire. However, the best possible way to avoid all these situations is to have a digital backup (soft copy) of each document in a safe repository, with digitization as the key. Saving a digital backup in your hard disk, document management system, portable devices or memory card would reduce the possibilities of the aforementioned hassles. However, even portable devices, memory cards and hard disks are not completely free from all these hassles, as they too can be subjected to misplacement or theft. This problem is addressed by web based document management systems where all data are stored in a secured password enabled virtual platform.

Saves Space

Saves Space

Most modern enterprises are limited by physical space and each one has to make their own efforts, to optimize the value of their physical spaces, in order to yield the maximum utility. Hard format documents, files, archived records, old video tapes, cassettes, images, drawings are rather derogatory to space management and efficient workflow. On the contrary, digitized documents stored in the CDs, computer hard disks, a virtual server or a DMS repository saves a huge fraction of physical spaces in office. The concept of paperless office that was popularized in the last decade has turned into a myth, as no office, even in the most idealistic situation, can be paperless. However, with the optimization of digital communication, one can make data sharing faster through information and web technology, while archiving the harder counterpart of each document safely in a locker or cupboard.

Saves Time & Effort

Saves Time & Effort

Manually archiving, finding and retrieving huge piles of haphazardly arranged documents in a systematic way, consumes a lot of time and effort. This tedious manual process can be replaced by digitization. It offers a more organized storage for these documents and thereby, search and retrieval too becomes easier from devices where such objects are stored in a single binary code.

Better Communication & Collaboration

Better Communication & Collaboration

In several situations, colleagues, customers and clients have to wait for long hours before getting the required information and documents. Digitized soft copies make these documents more readily accessible to a third party. All that needs to be done is to access the documents, stored in the repository, and mail them across. The concept of web based document management systems, such as Google drive or i-doc, has also made it easier to access and even share the saved documents from smart phones, tablets and laptops.

Simultaneous Access From Multiple Locations

Simultaneous Access From Multiple Locations

Many times, situation demands simultaneous viewing of a single document by multiple people. In MNC set-ups, employees also need to access them from multiple locations. In such cases, only digitized documents serve the purpose. Users can simply download the digital data from the repositories or simply share them through other means like a document management system residing in the server or web. Thus all types of documents can also be viewed from the comfort of home and outdoor. Hard copies would certainly not permit concurrent use.

Saves Money

Saves money

Sharing of physical documents with clients, colleagues or customers in different locations, when needed, becomes a huge obligation in terms of feasibility and money. Huge transportation cost, safety and security of documents etc. become issues which can lead to financial loss as well. Therefore it becomes quite easy to share documents through e-mails or sharing facilities in document management software, that too, free of cost. Neither replication of physical documents nor physical transportation is needed which ultimately helps in saving money.

Benefits of our Managed Scanning and Digitization Service

  • On-site scanning facilities including software, devices and trained manpower.
  • High-end machines to scan documents of various sizes.
  • Scanning of microfilms, CAD drawing, images, documents and hard-bound papers
  • Extremely fast delivery and up-time
  • Document management system for secured data storage
  • Meta tagging and indexing for faster search and retrieval of documents.
  • Meta tagging of Folders as well by dates, names, size etc. for fast and simple search and retrieval.
  • Stringent data security measures taken for the safety of documents.
  • Multiple back-ups to prevent data loss