managed copying and printing

Rental of Copier, Print Audit & Security

managed copying and printing

Expenses pertained to printing are inevitable in any given organization. Although they might not directly contribute to your revenue generation, you cannot avoid the staggering expenditure it demands from the daily activities.

Curtailing this expense is a matter of basic concern for almost any organization. This is where our managed printing and copying solution comes to aid. Our managed copying and printing service offers printers, copiers and MFDs on rent to any kind of organization ranging from the small to the big ones for any period of time under a contract.

With our solutions, print auditing and accounting, print logging and other beneficial print management activities can be carried out in the best cost effective manner, with no investment in hardware acquisition. Implementing print quota system and print auditing can be a part of the entire service to help you shift from a CAPEX to OPEX model with minimum investment on printing cost and cut down on unnecessary wastage of money due to overuse or misuse.

It becomes difficult for organizations to rely upon multiple vendors for maintaining printers, copiers and MFDs from multiple brands. We help you shift to a more organized and centralized printing, maintaining brand uniformity, so that issues related to maintenance, training, software and consumable compatibility are minimized.

Our managed printing service was identified as India’s top “Solution Champ” in 2013 by DQ Channels. Equipped with competent team and more than 200 man years of experience, we assure to provide you with the best quality print management solution.

Best Features of our Managed Copying and Printing Service:

  • Single point of business association to serve all purposes pertained to copying and printing
  • Reduction in capital expenditure (CAPEX)
  • Single monthly invoice from a single window system
  • Centralized printing
  • Buy back option for old copiers and printers
  • Print quota can be defined
  • Hassle free hardware, service and consumable management
  • Any kind of print requirement like different size range from A0 to A6 can be availed
  • Remote access from any device is possible
  • Complete control on printing cost of an organization
  • Software can be used for print audit, accounting and security

User Benefits

  • Shift from CAPEX model to OPEX model
  • No multi vendor or multi-brand hassles
  • Centralized printing with workgroups and quota system
  • Print auditing reduces wastage of consumables like paper, toner, etc.
  • Less wastage, less misuse, more saving
  • Easy payment with a single monthly invoice
  • Complete print information security