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Creating database on the basis of information collected through Customer forms are an integral part of any organization’s growth and workflow. Similarly, bodies conducting examinations, have to deal with the creation and evaluation procedure of a number of application forms, examination forms or OMR forms.

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A form comprises of various components such as signature, passport sized photographs, finger prints, personal information and other information that are subjected to evaluation. While it is being scanned, the system cannot identify each of these components as a separate identity or store each one separately in distinct folders, as it captures the entire document as a single image. However, this can be achieved only with the help of an image processing software, whereby, each component is identified separately, extracted and stored in the database as information for future use.

The task is extremely tedious with the involvement of a number of stages including printing of forms, collection of forms, scanning each form, data extraction, evaluation and finally result generation. However, there are very few vendors who manage the entire task right from printing of forms, until result generation, through the scanning procedure. Image processing and form processing are two indispensable parts that run simultaneously. Unfortunately, vendors do not specialize in offering both the services simultaneously, compelling you to move from one vendor to the next to complete each stage, starting with scanning and data upload, followed by data extraction, data entry and sometimes generating printed outputs from the extracted data.

Moving from one vendor to another to execute various stages of the process wastes a lot of time, a good deal of money and ofcourse puts your document security at stake while transportation, scanning, shipping, printing etc.

We are the only vendor who possess the expertise to carry out the entire process with precision, keeping in mind the four main factors that bothers you most - document security, output quality, accuracy and cost.

Features of our Image and Form Processing

Major Features
Your Benefits
  • We deliver you from multi vendor hassles
  • Save cost, time and labour
  • We integrate data with your existing systems like Document Management Systems, ERP, CRM or other backend systems
  • Assure more data security to business-critical data
  • On-site service on request
  • Form designing, printing, scanning, evaluation and result generation altogether
  • You save yourself from the multi-vendor hassles
  • A single station job assures document security and fast up-time
  • Saves money and generates a single invoice (for the entire processing service)