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Seamless: A True Game Changer

Connecting diversified workflow has always been a little bit difficult. Specific products with same nature usually work fine. While working together they don't have mismatched boundaries between them. For that reason, every company's sole concern is to ensure that dissimilar products should have no conflicts in the business processes and work in harmony. Taking diversified workflow and unifying them under one roof is another challenge that companies often face.

But this is the very nature of any business which poses challenges – a different type of challenges. And it was our challenge to gather strange bedfellows under one roof. We were searching for a unified platform where dissimilar products would have no incongruity between them; where diversified workflow would work in tandem without any ambivalence.

Our seamless platform provides this ideal solution to such problems. And here lies the strength and uniqueness of Seamless platform. The lethal combination of these diversified natures is eclectic in every aspect.

Seamless is unusual, because, it represents different types of workflow in a unified way.

What is Seamless?

Seamless is a singular platform where a complete digital transformation can take place by connecting such diversified workflow. It could be business processes; it could be digital content management, and at the same time, it could integrate Internet of Things (IoT) application development. The specialty of seamless is, it brings them under one roof. It’s a dreamy digital platform that one only could have just imagined in the past! Now it’s a reality.

“Seamless” from Somnetics is a solution framework which can do all these impossible tasks.

We can term a ‘workflow’ ideal only when it integrates across dissimilar products. The seamless platform does the exact same thing. Whatever be the task, however dissimilar nature of the products are; it seems no trouble at all. The seamless platform is actually ‘sans-frontier’; it wipes out the boundaries between the products connecting diversified workflow.

No Disconnection Anymore

So far we’ve seen automated software or products which have its own internal workflow. Now it’s important to change the nature of workflow bringing dissimilar products, unifying them so that they could talk to each other without any slight technical hitch. So far one product speaks in a language that another product doesn’t understand. Seamless solves that problem. Now they’re communicating with each other effortlessly.

With a cross-product workflow business processes gain extra momentum as there are no longer typical disconnected systems anymore.

What were the problems in the Past?

In the set of traditional solutions, we’ve always encountered one problem or other. And that usually revolves around the ‘communication-factor’. Traditional solutions work in isolation handling one or two elements at one time. There will always be a delay before the dissimilar products are operable. Since they lack the ability to exchange and make use of information, they create problems instead of solving them.

Consider these scenarios:

1. ERP System does not have a Digital Content Manager

2. Document process is not in line with Enterprise Resource Plannings process

3. Industrial system failure does not flash on maintenance manager’s mobile

4. Pollution compliance failure remains hidden from top management’s dashboard

5. A change in the business process takes ages to be implemented in ERP system

So we’re in need of an intelligent platform where we can bring people, process, logic, digital content, machines, and cognition together to get a solution. Seamless has done the exact same thing.


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