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Somnetics operates through five main divisions, offering three main services and various software solutions for smoother workflow pertained to document management and business process management. Know more about Somnetics.

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The two main software products we offer are i-doc and i-form. The former addresses document management processes. It is a perfect solution for those organizations, who are willing to shift from hardcopy management to digital documents. Similarly, i-form ensures fast processing of OMR forms and customer application forms (CAFs) with impeccable image processing, data extraction and 100% accuracy in result generation.

Why use our software? Know about multiple end user benefits and how our products offer the best returns with reduced total cost of ownership.

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We offer services in document digitization, scanning and management, form processing and managed copying and printing. Each service can be customized according to requirements and can be opted singularly or integrated.

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Somnetics abides by strict branding and communication policies. Organizations, partners, stakeholder willing to use our logo, therefore need to abide by the logo usage policies and contribute in maintaining a brand synergy across all platforms.

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