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Somnetics Tops MPS Ranking in DQ Channels Listing for “Solution Champs”

Kolkata, January 23rd, 2014: DQ Channels (Data Quest Channels), a division of Cyber Media, one of the largest specialty media house in South Asia and amongst India’s top five IT and business magazine brands, rated the Managed Print Service (MPS) of Somnetics as a “Solution Champ” in this domain, placing the organization at Rank 1. The cover story, by the same name, was printed in the December edition (image at the right side), while published in the website on January 23rd, 2014 (image below).

Somnetics, securing the first position was followed respectively by Indrayani Sales, Mumbai; Future Businesstech, Bangaluru; Innovative Enterprise, Mumbai; and Dixit Infotech, Mumbai. DQ Channels ranked the organization on the grounds of quality of service, quality of hardware, optimization of assets and existing resources, annual growth rate, promptness to customers’ changing requirements, compliance with industry standards, innovation and ideas.

The media brand interviewed Mr.Shantanu Som, Technical Director, Group Somnet, who said, “Over the last year, the response has been positive with more organizations witnessing the benefits of the eco system in MCPS and this has helped building our solid expertise in printing with the capacity of printing about 500 million pages and still counting.”

The company has seen growth at 50% y-o-y. Somnetics also gained an edge over others because of its indigenous print management software that exponentially boosts its precision and quality of service. “Our Software processes are developed in-house by the developers and our equipment partners are Canon and Oce. We have plans to grow and enter into On-demand Cloud Printing Services to expand our scope of work.” says Shantanu Som. The feature also highlighted some of the future plans of the Somnetics that it considered to be promising and innovative as per the current market.

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