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Kevin Kobayashi, President and CEO, Canon India, Visits Somnetics

Kolkata, May 28th, 2013: Mr. Kazutada Kevin Kobayashi, President and CEO, Canon Inc India, visited Somnetics premises at Chowringhee Terrace on Tuesday, May 28th. He is currently in Kolkata for his business trip and an interactive session with Group Somnet was a part of his trip schedule.

Mr. Kevin Kobayashi was accompanied by four executives from Canon, Kolkata branch. The meeting started with a short corporate video presentation that briefly described Somnetics’ work, achievements and its long term partnership with Canon India, followed by a short informal business discussion. Mr. Kobayashi, by the end of the meeting said, “I am really impressed with the work the organization is doing. It is not only a Canon Gold Partner, but also has an identity of its own.” “And your hospitality moved me”, added the President and CEO, as the Technical Director of Group Somnet, Mr. Shantanu Som, who is also a skilled bird photographer by passion, delighted the chief guest with a framed snap of a rare bird that he once captured through his shutter.

Mr. Shantanu Som said, “I am extremely grateful and honored for having Mr. Kevin Kobayashi with us. I am also very glad that he liked our office and the work we are doing. I am keenly looking forward to his second visit.”

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