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Somnetics Receives ‘Innovative Enterprise Award 2017’ from WTC Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar, May 20th, 2017: It has been a very proud day for Somnetics! We are really pleased to announce that another jewel has been added to the crown of Som Imaging Informatics Pvt. Ltd. World Trade Center, Bhubaneswar has awarded us with Innovative Enterprise Award 2017 on 20th May, World Trade Day. The event was held in Bhubaneswar. This was the first World Trade Day in Bhubaneswar observed by World Trade Center. This event was the part of a lot of initiatives taken by the WTC in order to help local entrepreneurs’ attempt in the global markets and also improve the competitiveness of Odisha. [Read More]

About the WTC Innovative Enterprise Award:

The competitive landscape of these days contains both innovators and conventional players competing, working and - in some cases - working together for transforming their industries into worthwhile engines of development. What differentiates leaders from followers is the blend of vision and mission targeted at accomplishing aimed goals for the enterprise.

To identify those organizations worldwide that are innovating with the use of technology as well as process the best practices, World Trade Center is hosting the Innovative Enterprise Awards annually. This award recognizes the organizes which are both users and also providers of technology for their capability of innovating and supplying outcomes which contain business outcomes and also game-changing capacities.

Till date, Somnetics has developed a lot of innovative solutions and products. Our disruptive solutions are prepared to process better business improvements and we are always looking for providing far better disruptive business solutions to our clients. [Less]

Somnetics Achieves the CII Industrial Innovation Award 2016

Kolkata, February 15th, 2017: After getting recognized as one of the best 20 potential ECM Solution Provider Companies in India by CIO Review, now we feel very proud to declare that another feather has been added to Somnetics’ hat. Yes! We have achieved the CII Industrial Innovation Award 2016. Confederation of Indian Industry has awarded us with this award on 15th Feb 2017. The prime object of this event is recognizing and celebrating the innovations of Indian Industry. [Read More]

About CII Industrial Innovation Awards CII instituted the CII Industrial Innovation Awards in 2014 for recognizing and celebrating the innovations of Indian enterprises across the industry segments and over past 3 consecutive years, it has built itself as one of the most craved innovation awards in India. These grand awards look for recognizing and honoring the brightest stars of Indian industry and also for recognizing the best innovative start-ups and organizations in the country annually.

This premier award has given us an opportunity for shining and being known both nationally and internationally for our innovative services and products.

Innovation plays the basic role in creating innovative solutions and products. We have been recognized by CII for creating it to the ultimate Jury levels through precise assessment procedure among thousands of participants. And we are looking forward to participate with more innovative ideas and approaches in the coming years. [Less]

Somnetics features on the BizofIT 4P Sugar Quadrant

Illinois, July 18th, 2016: Som Imaging Informatics Pvt. Ltd has added yet another feather to its hat, with our latest featuring on the BizofIT 4P Sugar Quadrant for our Business Process Management services. Somentics has been given a prime capability rating of 4P, which puts us in the same league as IBM, Knowledge Lake, WNS Global, among others. This rating brings us at the forefront as among the highly capable service providers in the world, and is without doubt an honour of the highest order for Somnetics! [Read More]

More on BizofIT 4P Sugar Quadrant This Quadrant is renowned for identifying and rating service providers as per their niche strength. The 4P Sugar Quadrant thoroughly evaluates the capabilities of the service provider on the 4P framework of People, Platform, Process & Partnerships. The ratings are given by specialized users like customers & analysts. Till date, more than 40,000 service providers, across the world, have been rated under this Quadrant and it continues to be one of the most reliable rating systems in the world because of its high transparency, interactive & objective procedure and the fact that it takes into concern the specialized user generated ratings. [Less]