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Internet of Things (IoT): Not Science Fiction Anymore!

It is an old proverb: Time and Tide wait for none!

Now, you can add one more word to this old saying. Technology. As a business process, if you don’t choose the right technology at the right time, the growth will remain elusive forever.

Now all types of the technological advancement center around one key concept: Internet of Things or IoT. It’s a one-of-a-kind conception that encompasses a vast array of ideas and new sets of execution that are evolving as time passes by. IoT has not moved down quick and suddenly on our head. You cannot say that it is equivalent to a fall from a bicycle. It had been around us since 1999-2000. Technologists have been trying to empower computers with their own means of gathering information since then, so the devices can see, hear and smell the world for themselves.

The traditional web world runs on a basic principle: send and receive. It was impossible to imagine in the beginning, that machine would do that for ourselves and add more functionality to this simple architecture. The question was how would they replace, repair and recall things without any human presence. Now, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and sensor technology enable computers to observe, identify and understand things in a brand-new way. And, we think, it looks like a science fiction!

It’s not science fiction. Now technology really rises to the new types of challenge and using the existing Internet infrastructure they could support billions of new devices to communicate with each other. The relationships between humans and devices become increasingly complex. You can imagine human to human, human to device and device to device relationship, but a tangle of great complexity arises when we have many different devices belonging to different humans connected or related to each other in a complicated way.

IoT becomes a part of the structure of this complexity, not in a static or stale way. Dynamically it helps us solve the problems hinting a copiousness of goodness that we have never imagined before. When it is applied to scale, it can most likely help us drop-off traffic and energy use across a city. At the same time, it increases many safeguards that we, once, didn’t even think of. Materialism in modern time shapes up our mind in a way so that we want things at once. When devices start communicating with each other, they serve things as quickly as possible, cutting down costs quite effectively and saving our precious time.

You can think of some possibilities. It might seem heaven-sent opportunities, but in reality, few of them are already in abundance. A home may unlock itself and welcome you. It can control temperature, lighting and give a suggestion for a good dinner. You tap an app and a car appears at the door a few minutes later. Oh, yes, I forgot to say, the car is self-driven. It can move and serve you without any driver! You no longer bother about your schedule because your house has memorized it already and it keeps reminding you about the urgent appointment.

Now sensors are well aware of the reality and they collect and distribute data constantly. We have developed many hyper-aware learning systems that take that data and decide their fate on behalf of us. IoT has made it possible.

It’s not science fiction anymore.


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