Innovation at SomneticsWhy is Innovation a Serious Strategy for Somnetics?

Scanners in Somnetics India

We are working to develop products and solutions which are disruptive in nature. We also want to remain independent in our endeavor. In order to attain the mentioned goals, we are greatly compelled to put a lot of importance in research, development and innovation. Being innovative is not an option, it is a way of life at Somnetics.

Why one should consider Somnetics an innovative organization

  • We engage and support everyone throughout the organization in the task of developing and implementing new ways to reach the organization's goals
  • We have created a clear mission statement and related performance measures for making the team understand how their ‘innovation’ influenced the organization's ability to achieve its goals be it in business practices, improvement in workplace or external relations
  • We have developed ‘processes’ that connect people in multiple ways and encourage them to "do what needs to be done" within strategically guided limits [mission and goals], rather than confining themselves to the title of their job

Why the innovation is significant to our organization, a Statement of Purpose

Our innovative solutions are ready to prove how we can help our customers to run their businesses better through process improvements, enhanced collaboration with easier ways to integrate content, process, rules, people and machines. Somnetics’ evolving business strategy is set up to do just that.

Somnetics Center of Innovation

Elements Of Seamless Solution Platform
Elements Of Seamless Solution Platform

The center has also enabled Somnetics to become a significant contributor in terms of “Make in India” initiative and has made Somnetics an Intellectual Property (IP) rich organization from soils of India. In 2016, Somnetics has made the distinction by making to the final jury level of CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) Industrial Innovation Award Program.

Somnetics Center for Innovation (SCoI) was established in 2008 to conduct research on intelligent systems, image and cognitive processing. So far the Center has a number of projects on a national and international level. We do a number of collaborations with Indian Universities and Institutes.The Center is a member of Data Science Foundation of India and certified for CMMI Level 3, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 20000-1.

OpenLabs : Where dreams turn into reality

Elements Of Seamless Solution Platform

“OpenLabs” was established in the year 2010. The main focus in general is to work on new trends in Information Technology and also to support SCoI in the applications of intelligent technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), M2M in long term research.

OpenLabs is also playing as the test-bed for this proof of concept engineering research in the Sensor-IoT platform, emotion technology, advanced image processing, Robot-IoT, Drone-IoT, Environment-IoT Interface, intelligent electro-mechanical systems and many such areas.

Key deliveries from SCoI

  • India’s first intelligent open source Document Management System, i-docTM
  • World’s first PCCM (Process, Content and Collaboration Management) System, i-doc proTM
  • India’s first and only Automatic Book Digitization System ABD 2000
  • India’s first and only Process Integrated IoT module OmniSense
  • World’s first “Element Integrated” RAD Platform - SeamlessTM

Fields of Interest

  • Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing
  • Unstructured Information Management Architecture
  • Image Processing and Cognition
  • Cognitive Programming [Java, R, Python, Ruby]
  • IoT/ IIoT/IoE/M2M
  • Drone & Robotics
  • Advanced Digitization Systems

What was the biggest achievement of SCoI so far?

SCoI had already delivered an unique rapid application development (RAD) framework with code-less, cross platform capability. It can engage humans, machines, digital contents, business rule/ logic and process together. It has unlimited application areas as it can replace conventional ERP/ CRM/ DMS with much more capable and smart system. Other application areas are pollution control, smart cities, smart agriculture, energy system optimization, defense systems, knowledge management, cognitive recognition and big data analytic. The system is working perfectly with some of India's largest organizations with success.