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RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group

RP Sanjiv Goenka Group

The Group has interests across diverse business sectors -Power & Natural Resources, Carbon Black, IT & Education, Retail, Media & Entertainment and Infrastructure. With assets of over INR 23,250 Cr and employee strength of more than 50,000, the Group is well set to launch itself into the next league. The workflow of the corporate communication department involves dealing with a huge number of document, digital and multimedia object. This department wanted to upgrade to a document management system with tight document security.

Industry: Various

Solution: Scanning and Digitization with DMS software

50,000 employees with assets of over INR 23,250 Cr.

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Existing Situation

RPSG Group has more than 20 companies with interests encompassing diverse business sectors -Power & Natural Resources, Carbon Black, IT & Education, Retail, Media & Entertainment and Infrastructure. With so many company and branches, document transfer, sharing, collaboration and retrieval was a challenge for its corporate communication team. Usual mailing system was not a solution, as versioning, retrieval of older versions or even searching a document became difficult amidst mazes of emails. It was the corporate communication department who first identified the problem and approached Somnetics for a document management solution.

Problem Statement

The main problems were - retrieval of a particular content from uncountable e-mails and their following trails that was time consuming, document collaboration e-mail was not systematic and could not generate the desired output, the large number of documents outnumbered the space offered by Google Drive.

This led to severe redundancy and wastage of time as each document had to be sent repetitively to multiple recipients deployed in various offices across the nation, who required them at different point of time for different reasons. Hard copies and documents documents were generated in and scattered around various branches and companies. Transportation and quality maintenance was a matter of challenge. Assuring 100% security to confidential documents became challenging due to poor access control and prone to misplacement.


We offered our indigenous document management system i-doc that could upload, store, search, and retrieve data easily. The software is backed by cloud technology that imparted easy access to the digital documents from any location outside the office premise, from any device (tablets, Smartphones etc). The solution was featured with excellent search framework, with role and right based access control. It also provided the facility for document collaboration and document versioning. Thus, from a single platform and a commonly shared interface, the entire corporate communication team could execute their document centric activities and share important information with other departments.

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