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Institute Of Cost Accountants

Institute of Cost Accountants

The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI) [previously known as the Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India (ICWAI)] is a premier statutory professional accountancy body in India with the objects of promoting, regulating and developing the profession of Cost Accountancy. It is the only licensing cum regulating body of Cost & Management Accountancy profession in India. It recommends the Cost Accounting Standards to be followed by companies in India to which statutory maintenance of cost records applicable. ICAI is solely responsible for setting the auditing and assurance standards for statutory Cost Audit to be followed in the Audit of Cost statements in India.

Industry: Education

Solution: Integrated Solution - Form Processing

Membership- 56,000, Students- 5,50,000

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Existing Situation

Every year the organization conducts competitive examination to qualify thousands of students for the job of cost accountants. The entire examination procedure involved processing of student application forms, both online and hardcopies, extracting information from these forms to produce that many number of admit cards comprising of specific signatures and photographs and printing of attendance sheets that were distributed to the invigilators. The time between application, form processing & dispatch of documents to the right recipients, was less than 30 days. The organization initially resorted to multiple vendors. It also required extra effort for homogenization of hybrid application procedure in the form of online submission and hardcopy submission.

Problem Statement

The organization wasted a good fraction of time and resources for analyzing the data from both hardcopy forms and online forms, followed by creating a homogeneous database. Resorting to manual methods and multiple vendors to carry out various parts of the process like scanning, data extraction from both online and hardcopy forms, creation of a database colat by segregating the data according to location, area, examination center etc, printing of hall tickets and hall stickers following a given configuration, took a toll on document security, raised the costs and often delayed the procedure.

Solution Offered

Managed scanning and digitization service scanned all hardcopy forms into digital PDF files for easier for data extraction. Two desktop applications, i-form and intellisplit were then used for data extraction and create a homogeneous database for hybrid data. IT department took care of data extraction, homogenization of hybrid form into a single database, resorting to two desktop applications, i-form and intellisplit. The IT team also used these application for database colat, roll number generation, aligning them with the hallsticker numbers by assorting them according to location, examination center etc. Managed copying and printing service was engaged for printing activities hall tickets and hall stickers. Through a single window system and a single vendor support, the entire process was completed within twenty days.

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