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Exide Industries Limited

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Exide is one of the first and leading manufacturing companies in India and around the world, whose establishment dates back to 1880. Company to produce the world’s largest range of industrial batteries extending from 2.5 Ah to 15000 Ah and covering various technology configurations, supplying batteries to almost all the car and two-wheeler manufacturers in the country. The Company has a distribution network comprising over 4000 dealer outlets. These outlets are supported by 4 regional offices and 28 branch offices. The Company also exports batteries to the Middle East, Japan and CIS countries. It commands a market share of 72% of Automotive OEM and 70% of Organized Retail. The Company also manufactures submarine batteries.

Industry: Engineering/ Manufacturing

Solution: Software - Document Management

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Existing Situation

Exide is India’s leading battery manufacturer, producing automotive and industrial lead- acid batteries of the widest range from 2.5 Ah to 20,400 Ah capacity. Its product range is internationally competitive, with nearly 5 million Automotive batteries, 6 million Motorcycle batteries and 5 to six sets of high-end submarine batteries. The Project Department of Exide, situated in Kolkata, needs to preserve a large number of documents that mainly include battery designs, factory designs, bills, agreements, vendor documents, invoices, projects designs etc. Although all documents they generated were immediately converted to digital format and they had an organized filing system for both hard copies and soft copes, it did not help much in effective search or timely retrieval as they were stored in the hard drives of various systems independently without any provision for common access.

Problem Statement

It became difficult for them to manage the large number of documents, search them on a timely basis, track their location in the huge office premise and archive them systematically in a common platform. A document management system was required by the project division of Exide to preserve their documents and streamline information management. wanted a software that could address these problems and facilitate a better search, with advanced search tool and flexible metatagging systems. They also wanted a platform providing access to all concerned users from a common repository.

Their other requirements were role based access permission, document activity history tracking and user activity history tracking to ensure maximum security and confidentiality for the documents.

Solution Offered

Somnetics identified the problem and offered i-doc Standard 3.0 as a product to the project department. However, to cater to their unique requirement of special search attributes, we offered the Advanced Search plugin. Any document uploaded as PDF, word file, jpeg could be ‘filter searched’ by not only keywords residing in the file names, but also by other meta-tags such as date of creation, extension, readable content and creator’s name.

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