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Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute

Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute

CNCI, Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute is a leading carcinogenic and oncologist research institute and hospital in Kolkata, having various clinics dedicated to holistic carcinogenic treatment. The hospital offers quality multi-bedded facilities. Archiving and retrieving a large number of data, stored in the form of hard copied content was a huge challenge as it involved a lot of time and labor. Securing these documents was also a major challenge faced by the organization.

Industry: Healthcare

Solution: Scanning and Digitization

Leading Regional Cancer Center (RCC) for the Eastern Region of the Country.

Existing Situation

Chittaranjan National Cancer Research Institue is the leading Regional Cancer Center (RCC) for the Eastern Region of the Country.The hospital had more than one million documents and medical records that was consuming a large fraction of the physical space in office. Since the regular workflow involved rigorous usage of hard copies and frequent retrieval of older documents, proper archival became the need of the hour. These issues were mainly due to multi point generation of document of various sizes, old documents were stored in different locations haphazardly, old documents were torn, lacked clarity and were dampened.

Problem Statement

The process of searching, arranging, archiving documents on a regular basis wasted a lot of administrative time. A lot of money were shelled out while creating replications and made information and records extremely insecure. Unauthorized people could often access these documents without permission or notice. Therefore, maintaining security for every document was also a major need. There was a huge necessity for hierarchy based retrieval facility.

Solution Offered

All medical records had to be first scanned and then uploaded in a safe repository which would also permit document collaboration. This could be achieved with the help of a document management system with a provision for document sharing and collaboration. I-doc, Somnetics' indigenous DMS software that worked as the repository for almost 5.2 million medical documents of different types, sizes and formats.

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