Customer Case Study

Allmineral Asia Pvt. Ltd.

Allmineral Asia Pvt. Ltd.

This client of Somnetics, is a leading metal and mining company, which was incorporated in 1988 in Duisburg. It now has its presence around the globe, leading the market of ores, slag and hard coal. Its Rajarhat branch in Kolkata merged with six Indian companies.They had a vast array of enterprise grade content that required sharing and collaboration with the other six companies. They also needed a more streamlined way for tracking employee attendance.

Industry: Mining

Solution: Software - Document Management

More than 8, 000 employees and 18 branches all over the world.

Existing Situation

Almineral, is a leading metal and mining company leading the market of ores, slag and hard coal. Its Rajarhat branch in Kolkata merged with six more Indian companies in the same vertical. The organization previously resorted autodesk server for preserving documents. However it had various limitations. It could not cater to all the merged companies from a single platform. Version control feature was missing and it could not accommodate preservation of all file types especially those pertained to drawings and graphics. They had to preserve high resolution photos for projects that was not permissible in the existing system. Tracking the attendance records of all the employees of all the companies from the central head office was difficult because each company managed its own attendance in their own legacy systems, which was mostly in the form of log books and signature.

Problem Statement

To make matter worse, the search criteria was weak and so was the scope of systematic archival. E-mail collaboration made document searching extremely difficult as documents got lost in a maze of folders and subfolders; version control got tougher. Due to absence of a proper human resource management system, tracking employee attendance, entry and exit time, leave records could be tracked uniformly, from one single platform became difficult. The organization wanted a single interface with multi- company monitoring facilities that could address both the situations.

Solution Offered

The IT team of Somnetics customized a document management solution based on i-doc’s platform. The interface was aligned with the demand of Almineral. An on-site development team was deployed at the Rajarhat premises to develop the solution which took about a few months to complete. A part of i-lib was incorporated as a separate module to meet the requirement of a digital library. A human resource management system and a biometric device was provided that could register biometric impressions of employees and track their attendance from one platform. One HRMS account was created for each employee who could view their own record, while the human resource departments had universal access to all accounts with administrative benefits.

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